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  1. cgdemakis

    5-31 ATL- JNB...Whose on heading out

    Heading out Friday 5-31 for safari #2 with Warthog Safaris on DL200. Hunting Kudu, Bushbuck, Zebra, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck, Red Lechwe and maybe a few others. Who is heading out and what are you hunting?
  2. cgdemakis

    Shoulder vs Euro Mount

    I am pondering this as well as I am off for a second trip at the end of May. I have a massive alaska moose done as a euro that is probably my favorite mount. I've done multiple white tails and pronghorn as euro mounts and really like them. I want certain species as a shoulder but what is nice...
  3. cgdemakis

    Importing - Safari Specialty Importers

    I've been reading over a number of threads on the forum trying to decide on an importer for my finished work from a safari of April of last year. I have spoke with a few and am leaning toward Safari Specialty Importers as they have worked with my outfitter and taxidermist and I like that they...
  4. cgdemakis

    Hunt over water; Shoot from truck

    Went on my 1st trip last April with my son. We are upper midwest hunters and I have done hunts ranging from North Dakota whitetails, Manitoba black bears, Oregon elk, Alaska moose to caribou in Quebec. All of these hunts varied from blinds and bait to your typical foot hunts. The majority of...
  5. cgdemakis

    Long haul seat selection

    Since I am diamond I don't have to pay for C+ :) I'd rather fly up front but who can justify 16k for the delta one seat.
  6. cgdemakis

    Long haul seat selection

    I generally prefer the aisle as I like to get up and stretch but last time over I got 7 hours of shut eye and the window will be nice to curl up against...No way in hell will I ever take a middle seat! Ha!
  7. cgdemakis

    Long haul seat selection

    Flying Delta 200/201 to/from JNB in May (2nd time on this route) and curious what you all prefer on long haul....Aisle or window. I get free comfort+ at booking and its either window or middle, or sit back in main cabin with plenty of options. Although its minimal the extra leg room is nice...
  8. cgdemakis

    Traveling with a minor child

    I am going over with a group in June and one member is bringing her daughter without the other parent. I have read conflicting things about South Africa's requirements of a minor child traveling with one parent and if a consent letter is needed and their government form. It would be nice to...
  9. Warthog Hunt South Africa

    Warthog Hunt South Africa

  10. Sable Hunt South Africa

    Sable Hunt South Africa

  11. Waterbuck Hunt South Africa

    Waterbuck Hunt South Africa

  12. Nyala Hunt South Africa

    Nyala Hunt South Africa

  13. Impala Hunt South Africa

    Impala Hunt South Africa

  14. Zebra Hunt South Africa

    Zebra Hunt South Africa

  15. Blesbok Hunt South Africa

    Blesbok Hunt South Africa

  16. cgdemakis

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st African Safari With Warthog Safaris

    I am working on it. The site won't load them. LOL
  17. cgdemakis

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st African Safari With Warthog Safaris

    Just returned from my 1st African Safari with Warthog Safari’s in the northern Limpopo. I took my oldest son as a graduation gift from high school. I booked a 10 day hunt with six species as the initial plan. My son was along as an observer and we were splitting the package. We flew Delta...