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    New to Forum… went on my 1st safari a few weeks ago and can’t stop thinking about how to make it back!!

    Congratulations on a very successful "first" safari. You did well.
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    Very nice cat, congratulations all around.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Trip To South Africa With DE KLERK SAFARIS

    Congratulations all around, you all did well. Thank you for your report and pictures.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: 04/24 Limpopo SA

    Very cool. Congratulations on a great first safari. Nice bull and great pictures. Thanks for posting.
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    Leaving for Africa in two days!

    Father daughter hunt, very cool. Safe travels and shoot straight. Will be watching for your pictures.
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    Trophies from 2022 about to ship

    I like your mounts. Well done
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Safari, Spirals With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS

    Well done all around. Congratulations on a successful safari. Thanks for the report and pictures.
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    Over a year in the making... Almost there

    Good luck on your journey. Will be watching for your hunt report. Safe travels and shoot straight.
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    ZIMBABWE: Story Of The Hunt For Two Dagga Boys

    Congratulations on your successful safari. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. We'll done.
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    63 inch Kudu

    Wow, fantastic kudu. Congratulations all around.
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    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome to AH. Planning is half the fun. Will be watching for your hunt report.
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    What did you do with your Cape buffalo skin?

    Nice boots
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    I'm done creeping

    Welcome to the dark side. Hold onto your wallet as the enablers on here will have you buying a classic safari rifle and booking a safari to use it on.
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    We are back from our first safari and we took our 5 month old!

    Well done, congratulations on making it work. I think for me, taking a 5 month old on a safari to South Africa would be more daunting than trying to reload in front of an enraged cape buffalo[emoji1787]
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    ETHIOPIA: Northern Operations / Collect Africa / Dean Stobbs Safaris 2024

    Enjoyed your report. Congratulations and thanks.
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    Any 41 magnum shooters?

    Ruger Blackhawk in 41 mag. Just plain fun to shoot and reload for. Can't do anything else with it here in Canada.
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    ZIMBABWE: Terrific With Tokoloshe Safaris!!!

    Well done, congratulations, and thanks for posting your report. Could feel the excitement from your report.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Safari

    Congratulations on a successful first safari. Thanks for posting. Nice critters
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    ARGENTINA: Argentina Adventure With MG Hunting

    Congratulations on a successful hunt. I will watch for the rest of the story. Thanks for the report.
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    Average Shot Range in East Cape SA

    Good luck, and enjoy your hunt on the Eastern Cape. It is a special place from the Karoo to the mountains. I used my 300WM for all my critters there. 100yds to 350yds. Zero at 200yds, and you'll knock over everything you shoot at. As mentioned before, practice shooting off the sticks as much as...
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    ARGENTINA: Argentinean Red Stag & Blackbuck: A Miss With Catena, A Hit With Caza y Safaris Argentina

    All's well that ends well. Thank you for your honest report. The eventual outcome was great. Nice animals. Thanks for the report and pictures. Congratulations.
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    A time to sell & a time to buy

    Prayers to you, Lon, for a successful outcome of your upcoming surgery. God will give you and your wife the strength to get through this. Those firearms were destined to save another life... good luck, and stay strong.
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    Rolex- the stupidest, lamest company

    HEY, don't paint us all with the same brush. Just saying.
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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    I figured I would give this hybrid watch a try while I fought with the insurance company to replace my Omega that was torn off my wrist when I was in a head on collision. Funny they only found the watch band in the truck after it had been towed to the RCMP impound yard. Anyway, I've worn this...
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    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    Pretty close to the same -26 F
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    Well boys, what's your temperature like now?

    A little chilly on the way in to work this morning.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: A Great Adventure At Wild Wildebeest Lodge

    Nice critters, thanks for the report. Congratulations on a successful first safari.
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    Preparing for 1st Safari

    Lots of good info here. I'll second the good boots, permithrin and antibiotics for tick bite fever and journal so you can write up a hunt report on your return.
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    Thank you from a new member

    Welcome to the best hunting site on the interweb. Hold onto your wallet as the enablers here will have you booking your first safari in no time.
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    on a lighter note...

    Looks like I might have to block you now. ; )
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    Favourite quotes - Here's mine, Quite a long list. What's yours?

    You can not learn that which you think you already know. (Epictetus) You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can not control. (Marcus Aurelius) The measure of one's life is not taken of the things...
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    Toby Keith dies at 62

    RIP Toby, you were one of the good ones.
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    Butter tart recipes?

    Scratch made, we use a version of Miss Kay's pie crust recipe.
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    Butter tart recipes?

    Here's our recipes. The top one is my mom's original recipe from the 1940s. Bottom is what has been refined over the past 80 years and is in our family cookbook.
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    Got my new mounts back and up from Eastern Cape 2022

    Looks good, thanks for posting.
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    With any luck he'll be our next prime minister. Go Pierre!
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    NAMIBIA: Caprivi = Buffalo + PG With Emile Kirchner & Kou Kuas Adventures In Bwabwata West

    Well done, congratulations on your successful safari. Wonderful pictures as well. Thank you.
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    Good taxidermist in Calgary in Alberta?

    Brian Dobson has done a couple mule deer and antelope for me that were excellent. I'm not sure if he is doing any African taxidermy anymore, but it may be worth a call. Had all my African animals done in Africa, so I can't comment on that. Good luck.
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    In memoriam - Of A Fellow Forum Member @Major Khan Whom I Both Greatly Admired & Loathed

    Rest in peace Major. I enjoyed your stories.
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    SPAIN: Gredos Ibex Hunt (+ Some) - Dec 2023

    Congratulations, well done all around. Maybe some day.. Thanks for the report.
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    Any reviews on Mr X?

    Yes to Mr X and a good travel agent.
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    Is it disrespectful to the animal?

    As has been said before, to each their own. Personally, I think it's disrespectful.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: A Dream Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris

    Well done, thanks for posting. Enjoyed all the pics.
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    New Member from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome to the dark side, hold onto your wallet as the enablers on here will have you booking your first Safari in no time.
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    SCOTLAND: Stalking Red Hinds In The Highlands

    Excellent, thanks for posting. Loved the pictures.
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    Buffalo Hunting Luangwa Valley Zambia With MBIZI SAFARIS

    Very nice bull, brings back great memories. Congratulations to all.
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    Taxidermy Starting To Arrive!

    Very nice, I too like the shipping crate idea. Always good when your ideas come to life.
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    MOZAMBIQUE: Hunting Mozambique With Mashambanzou Safaris

    Well done, congratulations on a successful safari. Thanks for the report and pictures. Some great animals taken.