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    Mountain rifles

    My sheep rifle is a Remington 700 stainless action, Brown kevlar stock, Pacnor .280AI 23 inch barrel turned to factory 700 mountain rifle contour. It is topped with a Leupold 3-9 compact with TMR reticle (custom shop) in Talley lightweight rings. It weighs 6 pounds even with scope. I shoot it...
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    RUSSIA: Kamchatka Brown Bear

    Congrats on the bears !! One hell of a story for sure.
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    USA: Kodiak Bear, Frazer Lake Fall Hunt DB212

    I am a resident of Alaska and do quite a bit of hunting here annually. It is frequently raining here and the only thing I have found to stay dry in is true rubberized raingear. That is interesting about aging the bear tooth, I may try that ! I knew bears are aged with teeth, but never...
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    John Deere 440 Dozer/Crawler For Sale

    I would buy that in a heartbeat if I had a good way to get it home (Alaska). Good luck in your sale !
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    USA: Kodiak Bear, Frazer Lake Fall Hunt DB212

    Foxi, I was not given an age yet of the bear. I was told by the biologist at sealing that I should find out at some point, but may be a a year or two till they send that information after examining a tooth that was pulled. I was pretty happy with all my gear, especially the inflatable canoe a...
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    Not your typical Africa question

    I prefer the military bindings. nylon straps with aluminum hardware.
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    Epoxy Cleanup

    Just keep in mind, vinegar is hell on bluing. So be very careful if using it to clean up when bedding a rifle with metalwork installed.
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    New custom rifle questions

    I hope you got a good one, but I am one of those who owned a Fierce and was not happy. I had one in .28 Nosler, sold it at quite a loss. The primary extraction SUCKED on mine. The majority of the time I had to pound upwards on the bolt handle to achieve primary extraction. The bolt handle...
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    Reinforcing stock wrist - anyone done this?

    I don't recall, would have to check when I get the chance. It was an odd size, I do remember that and I had to order it. I do believe Winchester had two different size crossbolts when I was looking for them. So not sure I had the same size you have. If they are close to half inch, you could...
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    Reinforcing stock wrist - anyone done this?

    I epoxied the ebony grip cap on, so no need for screw in my case.
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    Reinforcing stock wrist - anyone done this?

    I also put crossbolts in, same as what you have pictured, Winchester 70 bolts bought off Ebay. I specifically ordered a Forster bit to install them. If you have a drill press it is easy to place holes. Get a scrap of wood, drill a hole in it with press to ensure it is square, then install a...
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    Reinforcing stock wrist - anyone done this?

    I reinforced my 375 Mauser wrist using a 3/8 inch grade 8 bolt with head cut off. I drilled from bottom of pistol grip forward , stopping just behind rear action screw. I then set it in epoxy. The hole was then covered with ebony pistol grip cap. I went with a hardened bolt because most...
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    CRF vs Push feed

    I think it started as a test just to prove reliability, in other words folks figure if their rifle will feed upside down it is timed and built properly. CRF actions are touted as being able to feed in any position, from my experience PF actions will as well. Kind of like testing a flintlock...
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    CRF vs Push feed

    The problem Ron Spomer is demonstrating is exactly why in many cases a CRF rifle is MORE likely to cause problems when short stroking than a PF. This is also what I believe happened to the hunter in the video on the thread "why I don't like double rifles" when the hunter clearly had a problem...
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    CRF vs Push feed

    Individual issues with a rifle, push feed or CRF, and operator error are much more likely to cause issues than whether a rifle falls into a certain category. Plenty of CRF rifles have issues, and improper manipulation (user error) causes more issues that mechanical problems. No matter the type...
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    thats why I dont like doubles (have one)

    Interesting. I have googled extended Mauser 98 ejectors, but didn't come up with anything. It seems as though the ejector blade should be longer to kick case out earlier in bolt cycle. Ontario Hunter, on your 404, does the ejector blade extend past the bolt when bolt is fully open ? On both...
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    thats why I dont like doubles (have one)

    It is not impossible to short stroke a Remington 700, when it happens though it generally is a much more egregious case of short stroking earlier in the bolt cycle. If a shooter gets flustered and tries pushing bolt forward before case is withdrawn enough to eject, in other words mouth of case...
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    Wanted 7600 Carbines

    I have not seen or heard of a worn out 760 or 7600. The various Remington semi autos have a reputation for wearing out, specifically the receiver where bolt lugs ride, but I haven't heard of that problem in the pumps. I am originally from Pennsylvania, where they are everywhere, and have...
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    Trusting A Wild Animal - And Nearly Killed By Him

    Great read ! Scary stuff for sure. I wonder if the female potbelly pig had anything to do with the reason for the attack. I was gored by a holstein bull years ago when I tried to separate a cow in heat from him.
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    thats why I dont like doubles (have one)

    I agree, easy to speculate and armchair quarterback. It definitely does appear though that something was preventing a rapid reload of the clients rifle. Shooter error ? Mechanical malfunction ? I think shooter error is most likely, and I don't profess that I would be immune to the same issue...
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    thats why I dont like doubles (have one)

    Client seemed to have issues cycling a round into chamber, not sure exactly why. Hell of a video !
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    Question for long-time alaskans

    Yes, I would agree. Defensive use can certainly be at longer range if you are protecting a child, livestock or a pet. As I stated, I keep a 30-06 loaded and ready, and can have 100+ yard shots. Here is the Alaska Defense of Life and Property code: (a) Nothing in 5 AAC prohibits a person...
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    Question for long-time alaskans

    We live an hour out of Fairbanks, remote and off-grid. We keep a bolt action 30-06 and a bolt action 17 HMR handy and ready to go. 30-06 is for bears, wolves, moose, .17 is for foxes and smaller critters. For those commenting that defensive use cant be at longer range, I call BS. We can have...
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    A Lovely Vintage Take-down Remington Model 24 - .22lr From 1924

    Great little rifles, I have one I bought from a Wyoming rancher.
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    LabRadar & Accessories

    I will take it if nobody beat me to it.
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    .243 Win, .280 AI, .35 Whelen
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    Custom Wood Stock Options

    It depends on how much you can do yourself. Keep an eye on Ebay or Gunbroker for precarved stocks for your rifle. I just did this to my 98 Mauser .375, found a beautiful English walnut Mauser rough carved stock on Gunbroker, finished it myself. Finished meaning cut to length of pull, installed...
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    Remington 798 Safari Stock For Sale (Zastava Mauser 98)

    Sold ! Thanks E Butler !
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    Oh Bob! They’ve done it!

    Bob, rereading your post, if your headspace was set with a dummy round with virgin brass, you may never have a misfire. Have you ever checked headspace with actual gauges ? I have a suspicion that your headspace is probably on the tighter side being your headspace was set with virgin brass...
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    Oh Bob! They’ve done it!

    My main .35 Whelen is my Remington 700, I have had it 33 years and killed a pile of game with it. I thought it was immune to this problem, until it wasn't. I had experienced multiple misfires in two Ruger .35s prior and was aware of the problem, just never experienced it in my 700. Then one...
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    Oh Bob! They’ve done it!

    I have had four .35 Whelens, every one of them have done this. Remington 700, Remington 7600, Ruger 77, Ruger No.1. The Rugers misfire more than the Remingtons, but every one has done this at one time or another. I lost an opportunity at a wolf with my Ruger No. 1 before I caught on to what...
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    New Lipseys M77 .35 Whelen

    Dang it !! Are five .35 Whelens too many ? That looks like one I need to have !
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    .375 vs .404 jeffry

    My understanding is that is how the original .404s were built on the Mauser actions. The sides and front of the magazine box on the Mauser bottom metal was cut off, leaving just the rear wall of the mag box. The wood of the stock inletting became the mag box, with a metal plate added to...
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    45-70 for dangerous game?

    Excellent post Michael458 ! It is clear that you have taken analyzing load data and performance to the next level. I have never had more than a few pounds of RL7 at a time. Yes, the Speer #11 manual uses a 22" Marlin 1895, that's what I meant by same rifle. My 1895 is also a 22", not sure...
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    Epoxy on, two-piece barrel band swivel?

    Here is a pic of the Gentry band I installed on my .375 barrel. One piece solid band, sized to barrel. Driven on tight with a block of wood and mallet, secured with epoxy. I coated the barrel and inside of band with epoxy prior to driving it on, then cleaned up excess. Make sure inside is...
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    Epoxy on, two-piece barrel band swivel?

    If you can get your front sight off I would HIGHLY recommend using a one piece band from Talley or Gentry. I have a strong dislike for the clamp on style, but if you want to anchor it you are probably on the right track using epoxy. I just put barrel bands on two of my rifles this past year...
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    375hh load data

    Yes, unfortunately RL15 is pretty much nonexistent on store shelves for the past few years. There is some on Gbroker, luckily I have some from prior to all this craziness.
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    45-70 for dangerous game?

    I have an 22 inch 1895 Marlin. Using data in the Speer #11 manual, max load of 52 grains of RL7 under a 400 grain Speer flat nose, I was getting 2060 FPS. The manual shows this load producing 1860 FPS out of the same rifle. I was getting 200 FPS more than the "book". I used this load for a...
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    375hh load data

    For the .375 I have kept it simple. 71 grains of RL15, CCI 250 primer, and a 270 or 300 grain bullet. Out of my two 375s this has given nice accuracy and velocity. I have my Remington 700 zeroed with 270 grain TSX at 2630 FPS for Alaskan hunting of big bears and moose. For my Mauser 375 I am...
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    USA: DIY Goat Hunt, Kodiak Island

    Enjoyed reading about your hunt. I hunted Kodiak in November and tried for some goats as well, they busted us before we could get a shot. I was bear hunting primarily so didn't want to waste to much time and energy trying again. One of these years I will get down there again and try to get one...
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    USA: Kodiak Bear, Frazer Lake Fall Hunt DB212

    Thanks guys, it really was a nice buck. I would have been super happy with him, but even happier my buddy was able to get him. I wanted him to kill a nice buck since I had the bear tag. I have seen bigger blacktails, but not often.
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    Savage 99

    I have a 99A Series A .308 that has accounted for a few deer in my hands. I will have to see if I can dig out a picture.
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    to thread, or not to thread

    I would recommend this guy : for your 1895, he specializes in threading lever actions. I had him do a Marlin 1894 .357 within the past year, he did an excellent job with fast turn-around. He will also relocate the front sight...
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    OEM stocks cracking and or breaking

    I have a strong dislike for lead sled type shooting rests. They definitely put a lot more stress on the stock of a rifle, and when shooting from them the point of impact tends to be artificially high, especially in the hard kickers. I would think if the rest has an open end with butt on the...
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    What about a .375 Wby?

    EfRed said " On the other hand, a Mark V rifle was never made that had a 3 position safety, you MUST unload them through the bottom of the magazine to guard against accidental discharge. I know of two instances where a Wby went off "by itself" when being unloaded by cycling through the...
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    OEM stocks cracking and or breaking

    There are a lot of variables at work and many reasons a stock could break, so in my opinion it is difficult to fully answer your question. I do not have extensive experience with big bores, but I have seen and repaired broken stocks. Bedding could indeed help guard against certain types of...
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    Can we please stop talking about "flat shooting" cartridges

    I have enjoyed Bob's anti-.243 posts for quite a while as a lurker. Gives me a chuckle. I am a huge fan of both the .35 Whelen AND the .243, I bought a .35 Whelen on my 18th birthday 32 years ago and used it to slay all manner of beasts in the US, from whitetails and black bear in Pennsylvania...