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    Flat water Bill. You mention handguns . Canada gave 1000 AR15 to the Afghan army and you know where they ended up also.
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    A ? for Anchorage/Alaska members...

    It is strange how some gun shops seem intent on driving away business. The worst is walking in to a shop with the old gang hanging around the counter. They all stop talking and look like you’re interfering in something. The owner doesn’t even ask what you would like. I just walk out and never go...
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    A Death Of Ethics: Is “Hunting” Destroying Itself?

    Killing coyotes and fox with a snowmobile is illegal here. But people still do it and are sickeningly excited by it. I know it has been done during a family oriented snowmobile rally. Fair chase isn’t a term they would recognize.
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    Hunting in the Caribbean?

    There was a Canadian outfitter doing bird hunts in Cuba. He has sold the business and I don’t know the new name. It could be the one mentioned in a previous post : Transworld
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    Tipping Guide

    The good reason the outfitter had was that he didn’t have to pay the guide. My wording was poor.
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    Tipping Guide

    As a guide /outfitter in Canada I have also seen extremes. I don’t think the outfitter needs a tip , even if also guiding. He owns the business and should be making money. A guide could possibly be tipped. But not hugely. I know an outfitter that did not pay guides and expected them to get...
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    New member from Sweden

    A question: I read that your moose population is dropping. From a harvest of 100,000 to 70,000. Is this so? And why? Welcome from Canada
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    New member from Montana

    Welcome from Saskatchewan. Practically neighbours .
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    Are You A Member of SCI?

    I’m a life member . One of the first 500 , so quite a while. Have been to both Reno and Las Vegas shows but it has been a while. No chapter close in Saskatchewan.
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    Guns to US

    JimP. Certainly a pain in the ass but you were allowed through with your gun. I show up the same to enter the states but I will be refused entry. Tens of thousands of people enter Canada every year with no issue. My point is that entering he US is more difficult. Can anyone explain how I...
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    Guns to US

    I do not know. Ask your guys. But as recently as last summer a friend applied 5 times and was refused. There was always an issue with reloaded ammo or type of action. Like I said : much easier to come to Canada with a gun.
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    Guns to US

    Yes your visitor licence restricts you to buying ammunition. BUT. You could , and many non residents do, get a firearm acquisition certificate and buy long guns. .
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    Guns to US

    I read a lot on here about the problems of guns to Africa. How bout some of you complain to your U S government about how difficult it is to enter the states with a gun. You can show up unannounced at the Canadian border and be through in 30 minutes or less. A person has to have pre...
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    Becoming a PH

    I am an outfitter. I have had several people say they want to be a guide. Being a guide is not like going hunting with buddies and getting paid . Hunting is a part of it but service is at least important. The guide remembers to fuel vehicles , feed horses and clean boats. Give guests a...
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    Trusting A Wild Animal - And Nearly Killed By Him

    Similar situation. When I was 5 or 6 a rooster put the run on me. My grandmother caught it and held it underwater in the water trough for a while. Can’t remember the result but he didn’t bother me again.
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    What Line Of Work Are You In

    Ten years oil exploration in Arctic and N Africa, then on to crop duster and bush pilot . Farming and outfitting till 10 years ago. Now only outfit. I think I will retire in three years at age 75.
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    I grew up on a farm with no electricity till I was seven. Then we had running water and lights. Some neighbours didn’t take electricity till mid sixties. Everyone still knew how to live with the old ways. The preppers of today are a joke. They think it would be a camping trip. Existence...
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    What is the purpose of carrying a knife out in a safari..

    A knife is an article of a well dressed man. Along with a belt , button shirt and laced up boots. Try not to dress like a 10 year old.
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    Offhand vs. Sticks

    You should know how to use sticks efficiently. However I feel that most shooting practice should be offhand. Buy an SKS with a big magazine and several crates of ammo. Then whenever you can : stand on your hind legs and shoot at random distances. If you practice shooting the most difficult way...
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    Anyone own an Argo?

    As mentioned:rough and slow. Eight wheeler is the only way to go. They do float but also sink, be careful.
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    Some not so common Handguns

    Here in Saskatchewan you could use a 25-20 to moose hunt but not a 22-250 or such. That only changed a few years ago. Now most cf .22 calbres are legal but the 25-20 is specifically not legal. It only took about 100 years for fish and game to figure it out. It is sad that so many game...
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    Moose hunting in Sweden

    Sweden takes about 100,000 moose each year, plus 400,000 deer of different species. Not bad for 11,000,000 people in a country the size of Saskatchewan. Extremely well managed game populations and valued by most citizens.
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    I need boots for my first safari

    About strengthening feet and ankles: the suggestion to walk ploughed fields for exercise is excellent. Somewhere I read a study that walking through fields was 50 percent more productive than walking on sidewalks. You can brag about your easy miles on the street but the hard miles cross...
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    Tipping Guide

    Red are from hill country so probably know Po Po restaurant. I tipped with Canadian money there and it didn’t go over well. I actually thought the looneys would be a novelty for her. Oh well , lesson learned.
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    What if you won a lottery?

    No tax on lottery wins in Canada. You keep it all. I am acquainted with a few people who won a million. None of them did anything very wild with the money. It just gave them a pleasant and secure life. I would do a few hunts and buy a new truck. The rest invested to secure my families future.
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    20" 375 H&H

    I had my CZ .375 barrel cut to 21.5 in. No particular reason for length, just looked right. Other than getting screwed by gunsmith for cutting and moving sight I am happy.
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    FEMALE Specific hunting clothes and other gear

    Kates boots are from DuBarry. High end of course. A few different styles. Also for men.
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    Alaska hunt...

    My only black bear story worth telling. Killed a 150 -200 lb black bear at 10 feet. One shot and dead with 1 1/4 oz of six shot. So close it was just a quarter size hole.
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    Is retiring to Africa a wise decision?

    I have met farmers from South Africa here in Canada. Most say they will never go back even to visit. One had not even got all his money from sale of his farm to the SA government. He wasn’t going back to get it. Could be very interesting to move there as a young man and try to build a...
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    Flying with multiple peoples firearms in one case?

    I have had hunters come to Saskatchewan with all firearms in one case, But all owners were present when crossing. Bringing someone’s firearm to give to them later is a whole other issue and you should call for information.
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    Importing A Landy from SA to US

    Perhaps look to Canada for Land Cruisers. I have had two. Brand new 1985 with four cylinder diesel and an early 90s with 6 cyl diesel and auto. These were the 4 door model. Very few of the two doors came over. As I understand it : Canada got only diesels and the US only has. They all came with...
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    Double Rifle for Your First Safari?

    Has anyone here shot one? I saw one made in .223 the guy used for coyotes.
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    Double rifle or bolt action?

    I have seen and handled a double barrel bolt action . They were at SCI many years ago. They had one in .223 and others in big bore. I have their sales brochure somewhere. Has anyone used one?