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  1. Sika98k

    Help me make my list

    Oh so do I. Anywhere in the world !so do I
  2. Sika98k

    Shipping Trophies has Gotten Outlandish

    Really ? I brought a few trophies home once. Learnt my lesson. I’ve never been charged a 15% vat fee on anything since.
  3. Sika98k

    Ronald Wharton 300 H&H

    Great rifle maker, I have a Ron Wharton Takedown in 7x57. He made super rifles and his H&H mounts are a work of art.
  4. Sika98k

    1st Cape Buffalo Hunt South Africa recommendations

    I hunted with Game4Africa last month. Sako rifle, 1-6x24 Swarovski scope, 300gr Barnes TSX loaded ammunition provided. It was a great trip with a very good professional owner, PH. I dont think you could go wrong booking with them.
  5. Sika98k

    My .243 story so far...

    Got to love those ‘98 actions
  6. Sika98k

    6-Bore Muzzle Loader ... Anyone Know, Ganyana, African Hunter Magazine?

    So that’s who Ganyana was. A friend gave me a stack of old African Hunter magazines. I enjoyed the magazine and especially his writings.
  7. Sika98k

    Hats on safari

    The same ? Not at all. Welcome to the club.
  8. Sika98k

    Show your work horses and bubba rifles

    That’s the original stock on the VZ33 ? Looks a good job.
  9. Sika98k

    Hats on safari

    That is a nice bull . Great horns and big bases on him. But I digress. hats. Choice of “The Bombay Bowler” The Wolseley pith helmet, a common or garden sun helmet off eBay or a Rogue River leather hat.
  10. Sika98k

    Over a year in the making... Almost there

    The ticks are big ! Just to give you an idea of what they look like. Not my nuts btw.
  11. Sika98k

    Winchester Model 70 Super Grade in 7x57 As New - Stunning Wood!

    At times like this I wish I was right handed
  12. Sika98k

    Best Quad Sticks

    Here in Ireland nearly every hunter using sticks uses Viperflex. Look at the viperflex journey sticks. They are reasonably compact when disassembled. Holland guns in the USA sell them.
  13. Sika98k

    Taking Rifles to SA

    23kgs is the maximum as far as I remember
  14. Sika98k

    Would you like a Cigar?

    You certainly got your value out of it.
  15. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Buffalo Cow Hunt With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS - Apr 2024

    Good write up @SammyOscarMike. You certainly logged in every different type of meat that was served. My problem now is shedding that weight I put on out there. Great editing on the video.
  16. Sika98k

    63 inch Kudu

    63” , that’s pretty awesome.
  17. Sika98k

    Ammo container for inside checked bag or standalone

    Great idea ! Cuts down on the hassle. Stops border agents, customs etc crawling over your kit with a fine toothcomb and contributes to the local economy.
  18. Sika98k

    Ammo container for inside checked bag or standalone

    In theory if you read most airlines terms and conditions of carriage they state “5kgs of ammunition packed in a suitable container. I’ve given up trying to argue that point of ammunition plus container. Put the locks on after it had been weighed if you are up to the limit.
  19. Sika98k

    What did you do with your Cape buffalo skin?

    Well if you are a pipe smoker theres pretty much a readymade tobacco pouch dangling there for you .
  20. Sika98k

    Michael Sipple mauled by Cape buffalo prayer request

    Wishing Michael a full and speedy recovery from his ordeal and injuries.
  21. Sika98k

    A great read

    I bought this from in SA. They couriered it to my address in the Eastern Cape where I was hunting with Game 4 Africa Safaris. There’s other good reads there also. “ Hunting with the Blackbeard’s of Botswana “is one.
  22. Sika98k

    Shooting Off Hand

    Time spent practicing is never wasted. Nobody ever became a good hunter by rocking up in front of an animal and pulling the trigger. Instead, along with many other things, they crept in quietly and squeezed the trigger.
  23. Sika98k

    Cape Buffalo Age

    The coat is in good shape. No grey in the muzzle. 7-8 years old ? Need to look at the teeth really. But hell the man had fun !
  24. Sika98k

    Any other Cheese lovers here?

    I enjoyed some nice Emmental and an aged Gruyère yesterday evening. In moderation I hasten to add. I like “nutty” cheese.
  25. Sika98k

    Buffalo hunt with Game 4 Africa Safaris

    Go on a serious diet ! The food is too good. Mind you the fillets off my buffalo bull were akin to shoe leather but I was warned.
  26. Sika98k

    First African Adventure

    @etsonaut . I hunted recently with Wik Coetzee of Game 4 Africa Safaris in the Eastern Cape. I have hunted Namibia a number of times with different PH’s. Wik is in my opinion a great guy to hunt with. We hunted 2 buffalo, a kudu and impala. The baboon got a visit too. We had a very exciting 45...
  27. Sika98k

    Interarms Mark X 7x57 Mauser

    Don’t despair, all is not lost ! I’ve used them on deer here at home with good results. They worked ok on warthogs, a relatively thin skinned animal. Just not so good on oryx which have a much thicker skin.
  28. Sika98k

    Interarms Mark X 7x57 Mauser

    My 7x57 likes heavy for caliber bullets. Last year in Namibia I used S&B 173gr SPCE. I wasn’t very impressed with them. Cup and core bullet that broke up very easily it appeared. Nosler Partition have always worked well.
  29. Sika98k

    Lets see some Kudu!

    Eastern Cape last week
  30. Sika98k

    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    What a pity for anyone who dithered. Last weeks hunting was truly some of the most exciting times of my life.
  31. Sika98k

    Any other Cheese lovers here?

    Mont d’or, a French winter cheese would be a favorite.
  32. Sika98k

    Quick, Easy & Hassle-free Firearm Importation Permit

    After hunting here in the Eastern Cape for a week with Game 4 Africa Safaris I wish to retract that post ! Lufthansa and clearing my rifle into SA made it a stupid cost. So I hired one for my hunt. The rifles here are Sako 85’s with Swarovski or Schmidt&Bender scopes. No worries about the quality.
  33. Sika98k

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Last day hunting with @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS with a buffalo cow in the bag. Somewhat elated for my buddy.
  34. Buffalo Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa

    Buffalo Hunt Eastern Cape South Africa

  35. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    What a hunt we had ! We drove out to Wik’s property some 45 minutes away. The day was very misty and we took it slowly to allow the mist to burn off. it was still there when we arrived so we discussed the meaning of life for a while and moved off. The sun broke through and a beautiful view of...
  36. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    So this morning,it’s 0700 here, we are going after a buffalo cow for my buddy Craig. Wik has told us the cows are more dangerous than bulls owing to them being in larger groups with calf’s. On an aside the 3 remaining bulls have found me ! I woke up at 1130 last night and got up and pulled the...
  37. Sika98k

    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    You are going to have a seriously good time.
  38. Sika98k

    Book recommendations?

    Btw, a several good books are available from an online retailer in SA. Halseton. They sent 3 to my PH. Considerably cheaper than what I would have had to pay in Europe.
  39. Sika98k

    Book recommendations?

    All the Ron Thomson books are available on Kindle. They are seriously great reading.
  40. Sika98k

    A great read

    Just reading this book here on my trip in the Eastern Cape. A very good read by a PH in Kenya and Tanganyika and Botswana in the 1950’s up until the early’80’s
  41. Sika98k

    Would you like a Cigar?

    A Rocky Patel after lunch. Why not ‍♂️
  42. Sika98k

    A Rigby morning stalk

    Good choice for an all rounder
  43. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    I’ve tried several times to do this but get defeated. One more try.
  44. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    Yes, Sako 85, 375H&H, 300gr Barnes TSX
  45. Sika98k

    Buffalo & Kudu Hunt - $10,000 All Inclusive

    @Andrew62 , Being here now and having had some great hunting I could not agree with you more. Great people, the lodge is fantastic. I am going to have to seriously diet when I get home. I would thoroughly recommend this place for someone. Great place for couples also.
  46. Sika98k

    Average Shot Range in East Cape SA

    Took a nice impala with @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS at about 230 yards. Having made 2 perfect closeups earlier in the week I wanted this to go well. It did !
  47. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    This was my first rodeo for a buffalo so I was thumbing “The Perfect Shot” until my fingertips bled. Without bragging I can say I have done my share of hunting. I have shot a couple of thousand foxes. I suppose I’m well into 3 figures on deer and have had a few trips to Namibia hunting various...
  48. Sika98k

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting With GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS In The Eastern Cape

    It was roughly 45-50 minutes from the lodge. The population of kudu is awesome ! Previously I have hunted in Namibia where the kudu population was drastically reduced some years ago owing to an outbreak of rabies that, I believe, specifically targeted the kudu. In fact I think that on 7 or 8...