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  1. jeffpg

    "The African" Rifle from Montana Rifle Company

    What footprint would this action be if one wanted to put a composite replacement stock on it?
  2. jeffpg

    "The African" Rifle from Montana Rifle Company

    About what do you think that degree of bolt lift is?
  3. jeffpg

    "The African" Rifle from Montana Rifle Company

    What would you guys say that the bolt lift angle degree would be?
  4. jeffpg

    "The African" Rifle from Montana Rifle Company

    This African 375 H&H is new and unfired. I need to thin out my gun collection and based on how sweet this rifle handles I am afraid that if I shoot it I will want to keep it! I’ve posted it for sale. If anyone is interested let me know and I can send you pictures and info. Thanks, Jeff
  5. jeffpg

    "The African" Rifle from Montana Rifle Company

    I just ran across this thread while researching the Montana Rifle. I have a perfect condition African model in 375 H&H that I am on the fence about keeping vs selling. This thing sure does handle well, but I have not fired it.
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    62 Inch Kudu in Botswana

    Beautiful bull! Make me want to do a return trip. I haven't been since 2015...
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    Full Bag Night Critter Hunt 2024

  8. jeffpg

    Hunting With Spear Safaris Your One Stop Safari Destination In Africa

    I believe that you simply can't beat this outfit! I have hunted with Ernest and company at Spear Safaris, and they are the cream of the crop!!
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    Leupold Vari-X III 2.5x8x36

    I run a few of these on my smallest ultralight factory rifles. I prefer the B&C reticle.
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    Remington 700 Custom Shop Grade II

    Very nice, I look forward to seeing what else you are clearing out.
  11. jeffpg

    Istanbul layover

    I did a 2 day tour at the end of a bezoar ibex hunt a few years ago and it was pretty amazing. The history is quite impressive. I saw a bit of everything I believe, but I can't remember the tour company that I used. As stated above, with your short stay the more you have plans lined up the...
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    Apple Air Tags inside gun cases?

    These look interesting!
  13. jeffpg

    Apple Air Tags inside gun cases?

  14. Pig Hunt With Handgun

    Pig Hunt With Handgun

  15. jeffpg

    Glock Custom Glock 40MOS With Trijicon With 7" KKM Barrel Extras

    Pig Patrol with the G20 and S&W 460 XVR
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    Glock Custom Glock 40MOS With Trijicon With 7" KKM Barrel Extras

    Ok, but you're gonna wanna spend some of that money on custom AR's and thermal scopes! lol
  17. jeffpg

    Glock Custom Glock 40MOS With Trijicon With 7" KKM Barrel Extras

    I was in the right place and the right time and ended up with this one. Nice meeting you SAFARIKIDD.
  18. jeffpg

    In memoriam - Lori Spears of Travel Express passed away

    Heartbreaking news for sure. Lori handled all of my Africa safaris and always went above and beyond for me just as she did for everyone. It was reassuring to know that she had my back. I am deeply saddened to hear this. I always hoped to meet her in person. May God comfort her loved ones as...
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    Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Limited Edition .375 H&H

    Sorry James, but I sold this 5 years ago.
  20. jeffpg

    For Sale S/S Remington 700 L/A Magnum Action

    Hey guys, I am in need of a Remington 700 SS long action with a magnum bolt face. I will consider a complete rifle for the right price. Thanks in advance! Jeff
  21. jeffpg

    Torque for Leupold QR Base Lever

    I run some of these too and they are very good. I have probably used just about everything that's out there at one time or another, and I honestly haven't found anything that I can recollect that didn't work as advertised. I believe it's just a matter of spending the time to understand the...
  22. jeffpg

    Torque for Leupold QR Base Lever

    Having spent a great deal of time tinkering with these over the years, I understand your concern. My experience tells me that perhaps both of you are right... I have had zero problems with the "finger tight" method, but I too have used a small wrench to tweak the lever just a little bit more...
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    Book A South African Hunt & Get A Trophy Giraffe Free

    Interesting offer by one of the best Safari companies I have ever had the pleasure to hunt with.
  24. jeffpg

    Giraffe ideas

    I have taken 3 big giraffe bulls in Africa. I did neck/head mounts with 2 of them, and have the flat skins and leg bones as well. The rugs are beautiful, but they do take up a lot of room and they don't exactly lay as flat as you may expect, as they have pretty big wrinkles in them.
  25. jeffpg

    30-06 Ammo options

    There’s certainly no shortage of good factory ammo out there for the great 30.06. The Hornady SST you mention has worked well for me in a variety of calibers but I’d go with the 165 grain in the ‘06. If you can’t find what you want here, you can’t find it.
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    Is the .375 H&H strong enough

    Great thread with a ton of good information!
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    Hello from Mississippi!!

    Welcome fellow Mississippi native. Where are you located exactly? My home is near Collins.
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    Cull Hunt Limpopo South Africa 2018

    This is quite interesting... Are the hunt dates completely open?