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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Well our 2013 season was 100% as expected, even though we had some very strange weather in the spring and fall. We are fully booked for 2014 and 2015 and will be posting our 2016 prices in the near future. The hunters who took advantage of the 2013 cancellation hunts which initiated this...
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    Federal and Triple Shocks

    Wow, can I get in on that deal? LOL
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    Federal and Triple Shocks

    Well if you can pick them up I will see what I can line up. I am probably going to be in Texas hunting next January and could get them to Phil and he could put them with what he has. We could coordinate it. Should not be a big deal. You two can let me know. Kelly PS Paul.... always...
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    Federal and Triple Shocks

    Paul.............. how hard is it to ship to OZ? If you want I will round you up some 300 grain TSX and ship them to you. Kelly
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    375 H&H Mag scope

    I can't add anything. A good quality 1.5 - 4 or 1.5-5 up to a 2.5-8 will do what you need. You definitely do not need anything more. I have shot quite a few elk and moose with the .375 and really, you don't need anything more than 4 power to whack those big ungulates all the way out to 300 yards...
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    New Scottish boy

    Oh come on Alan, a we bit of snow............ it is -35 outside where I live. ;) Hope to hear about some of your hunting at home. My wife and I are planning a trip over there in a year or two and I aim to spend a few days stalking while I am there. May need to pick your brains later. Kelly
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    WANTED: Australia water buffalo hunt

    Yes OP as stated above, I would talk to Paul Truccolo at Southern Safari Australia. Southern Safaris Australia However, I think you are going to find that your timing........ April............ is not the best for accessing a lot of the northern territory. Worth a shot though. Good luck and...
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    To all............ sorry, I am not trying to bump my own thread. Unfortunately it does not allow you to go in and change anything on the original post and I wanted to advise of some changes for booking availability. I am fully booked for 2014 now. I still have a couple of fall 2013 hunts...
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    Leopard Hunt Namibia Cancellation - Deep discount

    Excellent cats. Love the heads on those babies!!
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    Quality Kalahari Lion Hunt and plains game on 160 000 acres in South Africa.

    Good job on these hunts Louis. I think that your having a 10,000 acre hunting area will make the hunts for lion behind fence far more palatable to a lot of hunters. Your prices are very good, especially considering it includes the charter flight. People wanting a lion should be looking hard at...
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    Anyone try to buy powder lately?

    It is short sighted and I always do the same thing when I can. They can screw me once but they won't get a second chance. Sometimes it is not practical though, I live in a really rural area and with a lot of things there are no second choices when it comes to stores. Fortunately with fuel i get...
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Hi Macs, good to hear from you. Hope all is well at your end!
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    Broadheads - likes and dislikes

    I prefer 125 grain broadheads with fixed blades. There are a number of very good manufacturers out there. I have just seen too many failures from some of the other styles with inserts and the expanding types, particularly when they hit bone, but not always. As with many things in hunting...
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    Anyone try to buy powder lately?

    Yes........ the firearms politics hot potato in the US is affecting us here as well. Friends in the big cities tell me the shelves are looking a little bare in places. I was at a small town store this last weekend that has some reloading supplies and it is still well stocked, but if this carries...
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    Howdy from West Texas!!

    Greetings Aaron. I know you will enjoy your African hunt and wish you the best of success. I have only hunted once in Texas and it was in that Alpine country. Rugged and beautiful!
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    For those interested in a big black bear and an enjoyable hunt, give us a shout. We only have a couple of openings left in fall 2013 for September 8-14, a couple in spring 2014 for May 20-26, and 2015 is booking heavily as well with just a few openings left in the spring and fall. Thanks for...
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    leopard hunt Mozambique

    Maybe I didn't read it closely enough but from what I saw it adds up to $19,000 plus the extra fees.
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    USA: New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunt

    Well done. Nice cat and you earned him.
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    Can i hunt deer with 35 lb primitive bow?

    Well as Brickman said, most Canadian provinces have a minimum draw weight restriction of 40 lbs. Not sure about elsewhere. I use to shoot a recurve then switched to a compound and now am thinking about switching back as I like the simplicity, but you greatly diminish your effective range as...
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    Free Range Bison hunting anyone do it?

    OP I have hunted them free range in Alberta (near Wood Buffalo National Park) and in the Northwest Territories. It is a great hunt for real wild bison in those areas and as Brickburn said, it is a lot of work getting a big bull out of the middle of nowhere. Hunts in those areas are typically in...
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Thanks Big 5!
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    New website up and running...... finally! Home | SKYLINE ADVENTURES
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    Festive Season! 2012

    Merry Christmas to everyone on AH. Hope you all have a safe, but adventure filled New Year!
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    Hot 45/70 loads?

    Interesting. What load are you using? My latest Barnes manual does not have a single load that cracks 2200 fps with the 350 grain TSX in their loads for the Ruger #1.
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    We are offering a new package as a result of a number of hunter enquiries over the last year. There seems to be some who would like to come on our bear hunts but prefer to drive up in their motorhome or drag their big travel trailers along. They could then park on our farm and plug in and do...
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    We only have a couple of hunts available for fall 2013 and five for 2014. Our hunts are about shooting big bears, not just a bear. If you are serious about wanting a big one drop us a line.
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Finally got around to adding some pictures. :)
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    Manitoba Black Bear Hunt

    Our bear hunts are conducted in southwestern Manitoba near a national park, an area that is well known amongst serious black bear hunters for producing big bears and Boone and Crockett heads come from our area every year. This is also a good area for colored bears and about 40% of the bears...
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    Ultimate accuracy shooting sticks

    Hmmmm......... I am all for shooting sticks. But this looks like too much of a good thing for me where I hunt. Maybe with plains game? Perhaps I am not seeing things in the right perspective.
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    Binos 8X or 10X

    Eight power are fine for most hunting, but many years ago I found I preferred the 10x for mountain hunting. Once I was use to them I never looked back. Having said that it really does depend on what and where you hunt, as well as if weight/bulk can be a factor. i would also recommend saving and...
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    The big ram hunt in Kyrgyzstan

    Ibexhunter........... beautiful ram. Magnificent country. Congrats!
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    KYRGYZTAN: Back From Hunting In Kyrgyzstan

    Great trophy in a spectacular part of the world. Well done.
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    Safari Club International 41st Annual Hunters's Convention Returns To Reno Nevada

    Personally, I am glad to see it back in Reno. I know lots of people have different opinions, but I don't much care for Vegas.
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    Need a Canadian Outfitter

    Much depends on how deep your pockets are. Northern Manitoba for moose and caribou and central BC are not too bad price wise. Once you look at the NWT and the Yukon it is going to be a lot more. Great hunting, don't get me wrong, but not for most pocket books. Big difference in the hunts as...
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    CANADA: Neices 1st Moose Hunt

    Great to see. I am sure it will take a long time to wipe the smile off her face. :)
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    HELP!!! Wyoming antelope hunt

    This is nice to see. Canadian hunters.............. to be safe, you need to apply to the ATF 3 months before you need the permit. American hunters complain to me all the time about coming to Canada and having to get a firearms permit and pay $25. Give me the option of filling out a form...
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    Lion hunts in RSA

    Well I have not participated in the AH forum for some time and had a look around while retrieving a couple of PM's. When I read this last page of yet another canned lion hunt thread I would have sworn I was reading posts on another forum instead of AH.
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    What animal do you think is the most overrated for the trophy fee? Or daily fees that make it expens

    Enysse and 35 bore. I don't think PaulT took the intent of your thread as an attack on the outfitting industry at all. To me he was simply stating that there are a lot of costs associated with hunting in remote areas that greatly contribute to the cost of hunting certain species and that one...
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    Compare Africa Species to America's Species..

    Thanks Mike. All is well and keeping busy. :)
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    Compare Africa Species to America's Species..

    Lots of hard work has gone into it. Shiras moose are the smallest moose and not many pass the 1000 pound mark. I assume you are simplifying things a bit as the Canada moose is the mid-size and most wide spread and is bigger than the Shiras but smaller than the Alaska/Yukon variety...
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    Rifles and movies

    The Snows of Kilimanjaro The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
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    Goose hunting in denmark

    Macs, Great story. When they are moving through here, heading your way, it is just incredible to see. They upped the possession limits here this past year. There are so few bird hunters now, compared to 25 years ago and the goose populations are staggering. Figures. :) Anyways, we are not...
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    Goose hunting in denmark

    You want geese? Where I live in Manitoba they come through by the tens of thousands. Canada's, Snow's, Blue's, Ross', White Fronted. I won't even mention the ducks. :)
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    Christmas Wish List - What are you asking for?

    The usual. Peace on earth. :)
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    Hunting Lion

    And that, my friend, pretty sums it up quite nicely. Well said.
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    Hunting Lion

    Nice cat!. The stories that old boy could tell.
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    Would you consider booking with a hunting outfitter who is not a member of PHASA?

    Absolutely. While an outfitter belonging to the local association can be an indication of a reputable operator, or at least be one of the things you take into consideration when researching an is not always relevant. There are jurisdictions where membership in the local...
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    conversation between a friend and myself about bullet velocities (am i being dumb)

    Thanks beat me to it. Flash you are in luck. I am shooting some 380 grain Rhino's out of my .375 H&H. You can tell your friend he is the one who does not know what he is talking about. I am getting 2280 fps. I have also been working with the 350 grain North Forks and am...