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    Scope on .375

    I have got two 375 H&H rifles and both have a 3.5-10X40 Leupold. I hunted with them from Africa to Canada , my best shooting with this caliber- scope was 305 metres to an American Bison and the shortest was to 20 meters to a Wild boar in Spain. The 375 H&H is a caliber that has a good...
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    350 grains in 458 lott

    thank you so much for your information
  3. Custom 458 Lott

    Custom 458 Lott

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    350 grains in 458 lott

    thank you very much for your answer I was referring to experience of someone to the forum, I have seen good articles in this forum but only are to 500 grains bullets
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    350 grains in 458 lott

    I'm new in this forum I read a lot about the 500 grains bullet in 458 lott but I would like know more about 350 grains or 400 grains for plain game, could you help me in this matter? I refer to velocity and bullets. thanks in advance