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  1. Beretta391

    Procedure for claiming rifle in Johannesburg

    Hire Rifle Permits in South Africa and use their VIP meet and greet!! Definitely worth the money!! Best money u will spend on the trip!! They will meet you as you get off the plane , take you thru customs , help you get ur luggage and straight to Saps where ur pre Approved permit will be waiting...
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    Tuffpak 1050 Lock Style

    Just got back from 3 week’s in South Africa. Flew Delta from Shreveport,LA-Atlanta-Joburg, then Joburg-Atlanta-Shreveport,LA. Used a Tuffpak to transport our two rifles in soft Cases. In the bottom of the Tuffpak we had two jackets, two vests for cushion. Also had two rifle slings, hunting...
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    Tuffpak Question

    I don’t know who keeps saying you can’t put anything in your tuffpak but guns, we are leaving Monday for our 8th trip to Africa and we always pack our coats and vests in the bottom of ours, then 2 rifles on top in soft case and have never had a problem. Also have our slings, knife, multi tools...
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    Rifle for daughter

    I have a Mesa in 308. Small, compact, easy to use. It’s a tack driver with 165 gr nosler partitions. I have had great success in Africa with it. It reminds me of the old Remington 700 Mtn rifles when they were good!! I bet the 6.5 creedmore above would be a good rifle for her
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    DSC 2025 in Atlanta....are you going?

    Texas Trophy Hunter Association . SCI bought them
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    Financially ready for a Safari?

    1-No 2-No 3-5% 4-No 5-Yes >15% 6-Yes 7-No
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    Travel duffle bags

    We took our 42” wheeled duffle and added a cardboard bottom inside. No problems in joburg or Windhoek traveling that way, in last 5 trips.
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    Simple question, complicated answer perhaps?

    Also married her!!!
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    Truck - what do you drive, and why?

    2007 Dodge Megacab 4x4 with a 5.9 Cummins!! It’s got 180,000 miles and I’m guessing at least another 180,000 to go!! I bought it new just before they started adding all the smog crap on them!!
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    Winter Safari Yard Sale: Part 2

    Pm sent
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    Clothing in firearm case

    We always put our coats and vests in bottom of tuffpak for cushion. Then rifles in soft cases. Never had a problem in 7 trips
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    Another newbie from Texas

    Welcome from deep East Texas
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    .280 For Plains Game?

    The wife has taken her 280 to Africa 7 times. Harvested everything from jackal to eland !! No problems at all. 1st 6 safaris used Hornady 139 gr GMX superformance ammo!! Worked great. Then Hornady quit making the ammo!!!‍♂️ last trip she used 156 gr Norma oryx custom hand loads at around...
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    Best Hard rifle case

    We put our coats and vests in bottom of tuffpak. Also bass pro sweatshirts for ph and trackers and skinners. Then 2 heavy padded gun cases. Never had a problem in 7 trips thru joburg.
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    Inertia or Gas Drive Semi-Auto Shotgun?

    If you didn’t fit the beretta to you and go to the pattern board and make sure it was shooting where you were looking it’s not a fair test. I’ve set up many berettas and benelli’s for people on pattern board that when we started they would miss a target by 2’ at 25 yards until you get the right...
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    Another Texan!

    Welcome From East Texas
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    Taking the cattle to the water trough at the convenience store/ gas station
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    Satellite phone questions

    Not sure you need a sat phone in South Africa. If u Have any kind of smart phone have anyone u need to communicate to download what’s app and just use the Wi-Fi at the lodge. That’s what we do.
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    Saving Mana Pools

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    Ruminating on the idea of building/ buying the wife a safari rifle

    Look at the 280 Remington. The wife has taken hers 6 times to Namibia and South Africa. She shoots the Hornady 139gr gmx at 3000fps. She’s harvested numerous springboks, impala’s, blesboks,blue wildebeests, black wildebeests, oryx’s, wart hogs, golden wildebeests, zebras, kudu, waterbuck and...
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    Wanted Factory 300 Winchester Short Mag Ammo

    Go to ammoseek, they list Winchester, Remington, federal premium and Hornady cx available
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    My Hunting Suppressors

    I ordered my 1st suppressor may 2nd. Was told it would be 90 days since I was doing it electronically. 120 at the most!! I’m at over 200 now and waiting impatiently!
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    Late Births, Fawns in Spots

    We’re located East Texas just south of I-20 almost to Louisiana line. Got fawns at our feeder now with spots in backyard
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    Its More Than Just A Hunt...

    We’ve been caught in a few of those up there pike fishing. Gets a little western when the wind comes up!!![emoji6][emoji6][emoji6]
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    Howdy from Central Texas!

    Welcome from Marshall, TX area! Have a great time!!
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    308 ammo

    My 308 loves the Norma hunting with the elk on the box. 1/2” at 100 yds
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    What makes or breaks your decision to book a hunt

    My wife has been my hunting/fishing partner for over 35 years. We have traveled the world having a blast. When we go to DSC or any convention we talk to all kinds of outfits. We look at overall price( we always ask for a package price/hate hidden add ons). Ease of getting to location, when we...
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    Shoes to Get?

    My wife loves the keen targee mid height
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    KMG Hunting Safaris - 2022 Season Photos

    Our female was named Sadie!! She lived to hunt and was a dove retrieving machine. Her nickname was A$$wipe!! Aka ok A$$wipe what have u done now!!![emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Just another Texan

    Howdy from East Texas area
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    Primer question/Federal LR match primers hard to seat

    You are correct. I reamed the primer pocket and they work fine now
  34. Beretta391

    .308 Interbond for Plains Game?

    Our 1st trip to Namibia was when Obama was president. All I could find was 165sst superformance ammo for my 30-06 that would shoot decent. I harvested oryx, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, warthog, all animals died with one shot. Heart lung area was jello. None of the bullets stayed together...
  35. Beretta391

    ROMANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Romania Hunting Outfitters (George) Recently?

    We went with him in 2019 and had a fabulous time. Hunting and touring. We went thru Budapest, then stayed 4 days after our trip to Romania and toured Budapest on our own. Randy
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    Audio Books

    The Bosch series of books by Michael Connelly r excellent if u like detective books
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    Wanted 140 Or 160 Gr 7mm Swift A-Frames

    I know this is not exactly what you’re looking for but good 7mm bullets are hard to find. On Norma Shooting website they have 156 and 170 gr oryx bonded bullets for sale. My wife shoots a 280 and finding any premium bullets is almost impossible now. I ordered some 156 gr and going to see how...
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    The Long Road To Africa

    I used a 42” roller duffel last year to Johannesburg. I found some cardboard and cut it to fit the bottom of the duffel. Presto changeo it had a Hard bottom in the duffle. Worked great. Nobody said a word about it.
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    Traveling with 2 Rifles to RSA: Gun Cases, Ammo Case, Gear, and Luggage?

    Use a travel agent, TWG, Gracy, Travel Express. They can answer all your questions and worth every penny they charge.
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    on a lighter note...

    The wife and I!!