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  1. jasyblood

    Kwanza Tarpon Lodge Angola info wanted

    I'm the exact same way! I can't operated a right side spinning reel to save my life, but all my bait casting reels are right handed.
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    Trusted Traveler Program Times

    My Global Entry took 12 full months from application submitted to conditional approval. It then took another 2-1/2 months to get an appointment.
  3. jasyblood

    63 inch Kudu

    Congrats! September can't get here soon enough!!!!
  4. jasyblood

    Got my ivory import permit!

  5. jasyblood

    Hello from Texas

  6. jasyblood

    Bull's Eye Taxidermy in Vaalwater SA

    Bull's Eye has done 3 safaris worth of mounts for me and are currently working on a 4th. I have been very pleased with their work and they communicate well.
  7. jasyblood

    ZIMBABWE: Elephant & Leopard In Zimbabwe - Cancellation Hunt Report

    Congrats on an incredible eland! Out of curiosity, where did your initial shot hit?
  8. jasyblood

    Overnight Johannesburg Recommendation

    We stayed at Whitwater a few weeks ago on my outfitters suggestion. Very nice accommodations and definitely a step up from Afton! Also, the squatter camp had been removed a few days before we arrived.
  9. jasyblood

    DSC headed to Atlanta in 2025

    I'm not a fan of this decision. However, my opinion is probably biased since I'm from the DFW area and I'm not a big fan of Atlanta.
  10. jasyblood

    When he takes your gun......!? Maybe this is not the career for you

    It got sent to me via WhatsApp, so I cannot provide a link. If you want to PM your number, I'll be happy to share.
  11. jasyblood

    When he takes your gun......!? Maybe this is not the career for you

    I've seen the full's 100% for real. Very lucky no one was injured or worse!
  12. jasyblood

    Wanted CZ550 375 H&H In The USA

    I was curious to see how "cheap" it was, so I jumped on CZ's website and couldn't locate it. I then googled "CZ550 375 Blem" and the first site that popped up was czgunbrokers. I googled them and it appears to be a scam website. If this is the site you're talking about, beware!
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    Somewhat New To The Forums

  14. jasyblood

    I've got wood!

    Really like the old timer profile knife!
  15. jasyblood

    300 WM Factory Ammo

  16. jasyblood

    AH Get Together Dinner In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2023

    I was just notified that two of my guests will not be able to attend the dinner. So, if anyone is interested in one or both spots, please PM me.
  17. jasyblood

    300 WM Factory Ammo

    Any interest in selling just the 2 boxes of 180 gr TTSX? If so, how much?
  18. 30 Inch Waterbuck Hunt Limpopo South Africa

    30 Inch Waterbuck Hunt Limpopo South Africa

  19. jasyblood

    Judging Waterbuck

    Early in the morning on the same day I shot this bull, there was bull crossing over from Bots that was bigger than the one I ultimately shot. It spotted us before it got to the SA side and headed back to Botswana.
  20. jasyblood

    Judging Waterbuck

    I've hunted this property before as well. BIG Waterbuck there! I shot a 30" waterbuck, very nice old bushbuck ram and crocodile there in 2017. Dang, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago.
  21. jasyblood

    Stage 1 for the SCI 2023 AH Dinner

    Just booked our flights, so we're in +3!
  22. jasyblood

    Been Blessed With A Grandson

  23. jasyblood


    Welcome to AH!
  24. jasyblood

    Horseback adventure

    Sounds like a cool adventure! Good luck and stay safe!!
  25. jasyblood

    ZIMBABWE: NYAMAZANA SAFARIS Elephant Hunt June 2022

    Great story buddy! Thanks for posting it.
  26. jasyblood

    In memoriam: My wife’s passing

    I'm so sorry for your loss Johnny.
  27. jasyblood

    Here we go again…

    I read the hunt report on another forum a few years ago. This happened in 2018 and this cow charged and they had to shoot it.
  28. jasyblood

    Here we go again…

    @VertigoBE Sending you a PM.
  29. jasyblood

    Elephant Pictures - The Magnificent SEVEN - Big Tusker Elephants

    I took this pic in Oct 2019 in Kruger. Not sure how big these two bulls are, but defiantly the biggest I've ever seen in person. Sorry for the grainy pic, but they were a long ways off and was take with my iPhone.