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  1. Hunting Zebra

    Hunting Zebra

  2. J

    Zebra Pictures

    Taken 2018, Zebra rug fever won in 2017
  3. J

    What was your best firearm deal?

    Remington model 700 adl carbine in 222 mag 4X leupold dot with 6 boxes ammo for $325
  4. J

    Need new boots

    Timberland makes a nice 6” all leather with a soft sole. Not ideal for rocky terrain, will work in most conditions
  5. J

    A thanks all the tracker’s and the things they do

    One of my favorite photos, 500 yard pack ungutted because he didn’t want blood on his uniform. Wife took the photo because I was still catching up to him
  6. Giraffe Hunt South Africa

    Giraffe Hunt South Africa

  7. J

    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

    7X57 140 ttsx on duiker about 80 yards, old Remington BDL with Douglas barrel. I was 50/50 on if giraffe was on the list but they had 3 more calf’s hit the ground. Old bull in the right place. 300 win. 165 A-Frame high neck at 100.
  8. Hunting Duiker South Africa

    Hunting Duiker South Africa

  9. J

    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

    Always listen to your PH. All he said was if you ever want a Duiker shoot this one
  10. J

    SOUTH AFRICA: First Tiny 10

    Just a lucky day, will be happy to bring him home
  11. J

    Caught the bug....

    Back to back 2017-18 just returned from 2023 trip. The hunting is 40% of the journey and the rest is the friends you make and learning how different the life is away from home
  12. J

    4457 Process?

    PDX for the 3rd time. No appointment needed, walk in state why you are there retrieve firearms walk back in to agents. This year was maybe 5 minutes, no ID check and stamp stamp. It was to fast for my liking, triple check your 4457 not sure they did
  13. J

    200 grain A-Frame

    What are the thoughts about using it for high neck shot on giraffe, helping with over population. Recovery efforts is why I ask
  14. J

    Cross wildebeest off the list?

    Nothing like watching Black Wildebeest running around, this one wanted to stay out a bit. 326 with Norma Kalihari 155 300 win. Went 20 yards
  15. J

    Swift suprise

    Had 200 swift A-Frames purchased a few years back had loads for the 165 grain in 3 rifles, heading to back to Africa in April. Ordered another 100 and was prepping brass , opened the new boxes to a surprise of no driving band. Back to the range
  16. J

    Crispi Hunting Boots?

    Replace GTX, it’s a pretty stiff boot for a mid.
  17. J

    Crispi Hunting Boots?

    Land surveyor for 18 years. Have worn Crispi,Lowa and Kennatrek plus many others. All good boots but my go to boots for last 10 years are Selewa.
  18. J

    Hang in there

    My drive today from central Washington to Idaho for work
  19. Kudu Hunt

    Kudu Hunt

  20. J

    Kudu Pictures

    2 hr’s and a lot of luck
  21. J

    Going In For Surgery Tomorrow

    Always enjoy your posts, keep the positive attitude and roll on. Also 35whelen at 5 months and you think the shoulder is never getting better month 6 gets there and you will be amazed
  22. J

    Barnes original

    Thanks have plenty of 4064 on hand. Currently shooting factory Nosler 260 accubond in new to me rifle. Looking to load for under up to 300 yard elk load. Have other choices but 375 does hit hard
  23. European Skull Mount Taxidermy

    European Skull Mount Taxidermy

  24. Elk European Skull Mount Taxidermy

    Elk European Skull Mount Taxidermy

  25. Elk European Skull Mount Taxidermy

    Elk European Skull Mount Taxidermy

  26. Elk Hunt

    Elk Hunt

  27. Elk Hunt

    Elk Hunt

  28. J

    Well It’s A 6x?

    Nickname is Hanford those of you from the northwest will understand
  29. J

    Well It’s A 6x?

    Here the euro before it went on the wall
  30. J

    Well It’s A 6x?

    It was a great hunt, hunting party watched the stalk from above, on the 6 side is 2 separate horns and the unicorn in the middle came out great in the euro mount
  31. J

    Well It’s A 6x?

  32. J

    Barnes original

    Thanks, for your time and the information
  33. J

    Barnes original

    It sure would be a great starting point, I would be running them in a model 700 APG 26” for elk and PG.
  34. J

    Barnes original

    Local gun shop has 6 boxes of Barnes original 375 cal 270 grain bullets for sale looking for load data. These are the lead spitzer .049 jackets not in Barnes books 1 or 2
  35. J

    For Sale BRNO VZ24 275 Rigby

    Very interested.
  36. J

    264 What loading to pick

    Doug, Live in central Oregon. This will my wife's and mine 2nd trip with Iliwa she had such a great time last year she booked this year as we were paying our bill. Think I will take the 264 and Ttsx and let you know how it preformed Jeff
  37. J

    264 What loading to pick

    Thanks Divernhunter for your input, may have time to work with the A Frames. Will be hunting late April with your friends Cois and Francois. And to others sorry this hit the wrong thread
  38. J

    264 What loading to pick

    Anyone have field experience with the 264 Winchester on plains game have 2 moa loads 120 TTSX and the 140 Nosler Accubond. Black Wildebeest and Kudu maybe backup for Zebra. Thoughts appreciated
  39. J

    Who booked at a show this year

    Booked with Iliwa at Portland show. Wife and I spoke to them last year, went by the booth this year and they of course remembered my wife by name....good business sense. Also a quick note to Dlvemhunter will be going end of April 2017 any advice from you would be appreciated
  40. J

    Travel to Port Elizabeth

    Thanks Sounds like the way to go. Biggest issue I can see at this point is making sure you have enough time landing at Johannesburg and getting to Port Elizabeth before it shuts down on same day
  41. J

    Travel to Port Elizabeth

    Anyone in this group travel from Portland Oregon to Port Elizabeth? Hopefully looking for someone who has found a best case trip. Going April 2017 with Iliwa Safaris
  42. J

    Stock refinishing

    A bit more information starting with this gun also have another 700 in 7x57 would like to get closer to finish on pre war model 70 in 7x57 improved and model 70 super grade 7x57
  43. J

    Stock refinishing

    Replacing ADL stock on early 222 mag carbine will keep original stock for value the press checkering is poor at best. Have a later model ADL stock with gloss finish. Hoping to find someone with experience removing the current finish to start an oil finish. Thanks
  44. J

    7x57 bullet choices

    Working with 2 guns model 700 7 x57 and prewar model 70 7x57 improved. First time with this caliber looking for a place to start
  45. J

    7x57 bullet choices

    What do the people that have used a 7x57 on plains game or PH's think is the best route to go on this. Heavy cup and core or mid weight bonded and last long for caliber like a gmx
  46. J

    260 on Plains Games

    Anyone with experience with 260 on Plains Game
  47. J

    New central oregon member

    Great time no guides just her and I doing the scouting plus the black lab. Long story short she got her ram with her dad 30 years to the day that her Grandfather shot his. Her dad wasn't able to go on that hunt because her brother was getting married.