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    Russell boots

    Well I have had 3 different pair of russells...Prickley pear bird shooters, mountain PH's, and some light sude chukka with a gumlight minimalist sole. Well, I am a slow learner. The bird shooters I have are great, I love them no questions ask...the PH's have been back twice and still do not fit...
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    Searcy Double

    I had one of Butch's guns in a 577 it was a great shooting gun--but just did not balance that good. Granted it was an early gun and a few of the guns I have felt of late were a vast improvement. I would like to look at his long bar screw grip he is building now, his guns have evolved better and...
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    375 H&H Mag scope

    Well the only scopes I have on my 375 are the old Leupold VX-7 1.5x6 on my 375 RUM, and the VX-6 1x6 on my 375 ruger great scopes. Leupold-1-6x24-VX-6-30mm-Riflescope-P49435 Ed
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    9.3x64mm Brenneke

    Paul true, I had one and it took elk, and nilgai without any problems,. The only Eland I have taken was last year with a 375 RUM. My bullets broke up--and it was a f*uck *p to get him...about 2 hours of tracking, and a track meet in the end to run him down and finish him off. I used the...
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    9.3x64mm Brenneke

    The 9.xx64 is hell on is every bit is good as the 375 H&H is..get it shooting with 320 woodleighs and any of the 286 grain bullets and you got a great cabiber that is street legal for DG almost everywhere!!!
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    Ruger New African Rifle

    The Bean counters are getting ahold of ruger too. They use to make some really nice claissic looking they are starting the laminate, removable mag...and a muzzle break crap...our American history of making nice guns...has gone to the way of the AR...stamp them out cheap...put a clip...
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    best area for big leopards?

    Big cats Limpopo in South Africa--big cats!!!! Namiba lots of cats some brutes there too
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    Rifle for my son.

    I bought my 3 nephews there first rifle and my daughter is 5 and will be getting her first one in a year or 2. I have bought 2 260's and 1 7x57, gun weight and fit is the most important. They each got steyr prohunters with the adjustable stocks--they have grown into the guns and each now shoot...
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    Hunting with a Hammer double rifle

    I love hammer guns...I really wish they made a hammer gun that was was priced under 35K, I would look at buying one! Really cool idea on a hammer gun! Hambrusch Hunting Weapons Ed
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    Great opportunity for Cape Buffalo Hunt

    Holy cow!!!! What a great deal! Wish i did not have a Alaska trip planned. As most of you know Louis is a great outfitter, He will take good care of you, I have hunted with Louis 3 times and he takes wonderful care of you. The Van Bergen's are good folks!!! How many slots do you have...
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    .404 jeffery on the cheap...

    Well just a rebarrel will damn near take you to the $1,000 dollar mark. A good barrel now is $275 to $300. We Charge $350 to cut crown and chamber, that is 650 there. THere is $650 no sights no blue... We just built Louis at Spiral Horn a 404 on a Winchester M70 LH. To do it proper it is...
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    rigby 9.3x74r bolt action for finn's christmas present 2012

    What a awesome gift! I remember the first really nice rifle my parents gave me. It was a H&K 300...still have it! Congrats! Ed
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    10,75x68 for Elephant?

    First of all let me say I have never shot an elephant--but have seen a few 10.75x68 built. With good woodleighs at 400 grains I would say YES it is good enough for elephant, it will do what a 416 remington will do or close to it. On that note though make sure if you are getting it built it...
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    Short range grouping evaluation of 4 premium ammunitions in 9.3x62 mm caliber in a Blaser R8

    My R8 tends to shoot the heavy bullet weights of the caliber better, except for the 6.5x284 barrel I have. You will really enjoy your R8 and the only thing I do not like about it is the increased cost of barrels, a semi wight fluted over here is close to $2,800 now. I have hunted all over with...
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    Cape Buffalo + Plains Game great offer only 3 available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just to add..I know the buff are the crown jewel of the hunt--but the plains game hunting on the open farm is pretty good too! 31.5 inch Waterbuck! Big ol bull Eland! Nice ol hard headed blue Wildebeest! Great deal Louis--wish I could take you up on it--but I have to pay off my...
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    Dangerous Game Hunt Price Trend?

    Good stuff on this thread...well not all of old Africa is gone, but a whole lot has changed. My Dad's good friend hunted alot of Africa in the 60's and 70's. He would go on a trip no less than 20-30 days and take a good bag. Now the adv. guy can't get off but for 10-14 days at best, and we...
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    Federal Power Shok 270 gr .375.. Reviews Please

    I have to agree...I have never had a problem with a serria game is one of my fav. bullets in a 375...I shoot 300's in it all the time..just tried something new and got burned. Ed
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    Which one !

    I really like the old Ruger RSM's they usually feed very good a are built like tanks...that is part of the problem--the old ones barrel contour was every heavy making the 375 a bit portly it is about 1.5lbs to 2 lbs heavy for a 375. I think the model 70 can be "pimped" easier and thats not a...
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    416 Rigby

    The CZ requires a bit of smoothing up..nothing big but it helps. Tip Burns here in the US is good for that so is Wayne at AHR. You might want to call them tell them where you are and what you need to get it working up to par... I was at a gun show this weekend and say a super nice...
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    I think if Plains game is all your after and Kudu is the biggest the 7x57 would be grand... I have a Mannilicher Shoenauer in 7x57 I would love to use on a kudu sometime!!! Ed
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    Federal Power Shok 270 gr .375.. Reviews Please

    I cannot give you a update on this exact load, but will tell you to be careful of shooting any big game animal with an unproven bullet. I used a hornady interlock 300 in a 375 ultra on my last safari-- the bullet broke up on all game shot with it. I shot a Red heartbeest at 255 and it did not go...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Spiral Horn Safaris--A good bet!

    Thanks guys for all the nice comments. I will miss not going to Africa this year--but will make it that much sweeter when I get back! Hey Louis it has been warm here so it might be a pleasure to take a dip!!! I hope the fishing is good!!!
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    Left Handed rifle for Safari

    It is a leupold VXIII 1.5x5 --and accurate as hell! I have had a 9.3x62 for the better part of 10 first was in a Blaser R93 love the round!!!
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    All around rifle for 1rst trip to South Africa..

    I have to go along with the 30-06. I took one of my Blaser R8's in 2011 with a match barrel in plain ol 30-06. I fell back in love with the round. 3 one shot kills---it was like a magic wand--point in its direction and it fell. I used 180 grain barnes x bullets. Here is a bull wildebeest I tip...
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    450/400 to light?

    No 450/400 is one of the best!!!
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    Any one heard of this make of gun?

    Ditto they are a dressed up VC.
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    Left Handed rifle for Safari

    I have the same problem. There is alot out there if you have time to look. I found this really cool Sauer 200-- in a 9.3x62 in Gander Mountain for 699 on the sale rack. Sauer makes a great gun and I see 202 every now and again for around 1200 to 1300. alot of gun for the money! Ed
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Spiral Horn Safaris--A good bet!

    I have been very fortunate to get to hunt at Spiral Horn Safaris the last 3 years. In that time I have made a lot of good friends, and had a great time. I have found in life ã€ou have to bet a lot. You bet that you can work hard enough to make a good living and put a little away, you bet you...
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    cz550 505 gibbs and sabatti 500NE

    Buy the CZ the Sabbati is a POS in the long run.... You can buy a CZ 505 for around 2600-3000 and it is a soild DGR. I have shot a few on the Sabbatti's and I might buy one in a 450/400 but would not touch one in a 500. Ed
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    Caliber Pairing Help!

    I have used the pairing of a 7mm rem mag/ and 338 win mag in my blaser R8 on a hunt or 2 and been very pleased. I have used a 30-06/9.3x62 and a 308 win/9.3x62 and been pleased too. 7x57 is a great round, I have seen game the size of eland drop with a neatly placed 7-08-/ 7x57. The 140 grain and...
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    Trophy Elephant/ buffalo, Zimbabwe late season special

    Wish I could--- this is excatly what I'm looking for! Ed
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    .45-70 for Elephant

    Simple--not a "elephant gun"--- will kill an elephant, but not a elephant gun!!!! Hey now lets start a is a 375 winchester thread a good cape buffalo round:o Ed
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    First look at the Ruger African Safari 9.3x62

    I love the 9.3x62... Light in recoil and pretty darn accurate. I have one in a Sauer 200. It is the first gun I took to Africa. First gun I packed for elk, Heck it just might be my fav all around gun! Ed
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    The "Perfect" Bullet???

    One that has a dead amimal at the other end of the gun!!!
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    .450 Nitro #2

    Grab your ankles---your going to spend some bucks...great round but componets are expensive. Reloading Supplies|Buffalo Arms Company Reloading Supplies|Buffalo Arms Company Caliber List : CH4D Ed
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    Looking at doubles for my next Africa hunt, Krieghoff Classic 470NE ???

    Just a few selections I found this morning: Solid gun in the caliber you were looking for: Merkel Model 140-2 Safari .470 Nitro Express - Merkel Rifles Excellent gun at a fair price--in a great caliber, but the guy is a dick to deal with: MERKEL Model 140-2 450/400 CAL - Merkel...
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    Looking at doubles for my next Africa hunt, Krieghoff Classic 470NE ???

    I have had a number of doubles. I like the K-gun--its a solid rifle. The 3-or 4 that I have shot have been accurate. The cocking lever on top takes a little to get use to, but I have been using Blaser products since about 1999 so not much change for me. The comb is high and straight on the...
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    30-06 - The calibre to love or hate?

    Its a pretty awesome round! I re-fell back in love with the 30-06 last year shot a host of Plains game with it and everything was DRT... I shot 180 grain barnes TTSX...Awesome job!!! here are a couple of hunts. I know you guys have maybe seen these videos but just shows you how well a plain ol...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Two young Gun's!

    Glad Prentiss and the boys (man they are growing up fast--young men)had fun-- I know the family had a good time too...Awesome to see familes all go hunting. I know my wife enjoyed it last year!!!!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Outstanding Hunt with Spiral Horn Safaris

    Great hunt! I have hunted with Louis also. He is a great host, I'm taking a group over to him in September for a little over a week for some plains game hunting. Glad you enjpyed your first safari...there will be many more behind it!!!! Ed
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    Chapuis Double Rifle

    If you cant shoot it send it to a 3rd party for inspection and firing it will cost you a couple $$ usually around $200 but save you a headache later on. JJ at Champlains is good for that. On a lighter note, all the Chapuis I have shot shot better than adv. 2 470 and 3 9.3x74 all shot better...
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    Lion Hunting RSA - A very strong opinion from Jensen Safaris

    I agree a little with American clients being a "gullible lot"--we want adventure--true adventure-- and most of us will pay alot for it. I do have a slight rub with Lion hunting. I watch alot of hunting flims...I mean alot! I get a kick out of watching some. I just bought Beast of Legend and...
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    Looking for information on shotgun to double rifle conversion

    Double Bailey builds a super nice gun, no doubt--and I agree with you, I would save up for one and I think he is around 8500 for his non-take down version. there are also lots of guns that are about that could serve you well. I see you have made your mind up on the conversion, I hope it...
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    R18 million Buffalo Bull!!

    Great thread. My background is in Gentics and breeding animals and the outcome has always been intresting to me. Just because the bull has 50" horns does not mean the offspring will have better might be carried on the female side, there are lots and lots of variables, that being said I...
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    Looking for information on shotgun to double rifle conversion

    Double Sorry not trying to talk down to you or be a a#s--just trying to guide you down a path that you will enjoy. I know about Kids I have a 4 year old and we are tying for another this spring. I bought my first double when I was in my early 20's ( about 12 years ago) it was a Whatson bros in...
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    Looking for information on shotgun to double rifle conversion

    double Hummm... dont see where I said I found Merkel's for 4,000:confused:. I said if you saved 2,000 to 3,000 on a conversion you would be a 1/3 of the way to a used Merkel or Searcy 1/3 of 9,000 is 3,000 and I have bought Merkel's for under 9K. I helped a good frind of mine buy a Chapuis 470...
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    Looking for information on shotgun to double rifle conversion

    First, Welcome! Let me throw this at ya! Why dont you save your money instead of messing around with a conversion. A good shotgun conversion will be between 2K and 3K to do it right--heck your 1/3 of the way to a Searcy, or a used Merkel--and half way to a Chapuis 9.3x74r. If you got to...
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    Eland Hunt Special with CAWA in CAR

    I'd love to short notice!!!!! Someday soon!!!!
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    Hunting Elephant with the .505 Gibbs

    505 Dan is a freind of mine and a heck of a nice guy. Ryan's guns are second to none-- wish I had the scrach for one. Ed
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    Thumbhole stocks for heavy hitters?

    I would never use a thumb hole stock on anything over a 300 mag. On a really heavy hitter it will dislocate you thumb, and or hyperextend your thumb and bruise the web of your hand. No, no,no! Ed