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  1. Dan458

    Tsessebee hunt wanted

    I saw good numbers of BIG Tsessebee bulls while hunting Buffalo with @BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS . Would definitely recommend if that’s what you’re after
  2. Dan458

    thats why I dont like doubles (have one)

    The camera man is the MVP here
  3. Dan458

    My Take on Dangerous Game Scopes

    Great video and excellent advice for the client looking to maximise their opportunities. If you choose to hunt traditional like many of us do then you have to be willing to sacrifice opportunities in pursuit of the experience. I’m glad you called out the quick release nonsense. QR rings are far...
  4. Dan458

    Combining freight costs?

    With trophy taxidermy and freight costs now equaling or even exceeding the cost of the hunt I’ve been thinking of ways to make it more economical. I’m not at the stage where I’d leave them behind although I can see that becoming an option in the future. Does anyone know if it’s possible to...
  5. Dan458

    Front sight - hooded or not?

    I’ve taken the hoods off mine. Faster target acquisition and less bulk to get caught on things
  6. Dan458

    I Want a Heym

    Not sure what you’re saying but it’s a nice gun to be sure
  7. Dan458

    10 days buffalo and plain games with 458Lott and 375HH - how many ammo of each?

    I did similar with my first Buff trip. 9.3 for plains game and 458 Lott for the Buff. 80 is a lot of ammo but at least you don’t have to worry about running out. I would do 30/50 split. Gives you plenty to spare if you have to sight in one of the rifles. Projectile wise, either straight TSX or...
  8. Dan458

    One caliber away from contentment... who else?

    Wise man. We could all learn from you and have more money for hunting!
  9. Dan458

    458 solid ID?

    During my Buffalo trip this year the airline lost my checked bag including my ammo. I sent a WhatsApp to my PH during a stop over telling him what had happened and he managed to find a friend with some components and they spent their Sunday making loads for me. These duly did the job with a one...
  10. Dan458

    Old School Buffalo Hunting With BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS In 2024

    This is a great hunt. Each day you rise before the sun and drive the roads and check water holes for tracks. Once you find a suitable track it invariably leads into the thick stuff. You might be on it for 5 minutes or 5 hours with the suspense building the whole time. I had 6 days of hard...
  11. Dan458

    Hi from Downunder

    Welcome from South Australia mate! Sounds like you have some great adventures planned. Kamchatka is top of my bucket list. Don’t write off Africa though, it’s a special place
  12. Dan458

    Wanted Barnes 9.3 TSX 286gr (BA390473)

    Have you used this load before? As mentioned above, I would be worried about expansion. It would be worth stepping down in weight if you want to run a TSX
  13. Dan458


    Looks like a great trip. Is this at Madikwe?
  14. Dan458

    Searching for less expensive Buffalo hunt

    On a cow hunt you’re going to be tracking a herd. You have more eyes and noses to contend with and having to select a past prime cow out of the herd makes it difficult. Not the same experience as a bull hunt though where you are tracking lone or small groups of dugga boys.
  15. Dan458

    Searching for less expensive Buffalo hunt This is what you’re looking for. Proper tracking hunt with a great outfit @BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS
  16. Dan458

    A Great Day

    It’s important to enjoy these moments. Cheers
  17. Dan458

    What's the big deal about buffalo anyway?

    I had my first buffalo experience last year. After taking the tracks we followed into the thorns. Stalking quietly along there was suddenly a loud snort from our right. It sounded only meters away but the wall of thorns was impenetrable. Seconds later the brush erupted as he charged away...
  18. Dan458

    Luggage Trackers - Bluetooth vs GPS Who Has Used Them?

    I’ve used AirTags for my last 2 trips to Africa with great results. Most recent trip the airline left our bags in Australia. Lodged a missing bag report but never heard anything. It was only that the AirTags showed me they arrived in Joburg 4 days later. Fortunately my PH had dealt with the...
  19. Dan458

    TANZANIA: Rungwa Game Reserve

    Well done on a safari done right and nice shooting. Sounds like the trip we all dream of. I’m in transit for my buffalo hunt as I type and your tale has certainly got the blood pumping. Cheers
  20. Dan458

    Sable Pictures

    44 inch Sable bull taken with @BAYLY SIPPEL SAFARIS 2022
  21. Dan458

    SOUTH AFRICA: Ghosts Of The Sikkelbos - Return To Madikwe

    7 days today until I am wheels up on my next Safari. This trip started a little under a year ago. Two friends had planned a Safari in the Limpopo. I was almost as excited as them in the lead up. About 2 months before their departure it occurred to me that there was no reason for me to not go...
  22. Dan458

    Saving Mana Pools

    Sorry I missed this. Hope it can be stopped
  23. Dan458

    Chapuis Brousse 470 NE Double Rifle

    Sorry to hear that mate! Must be so disappointing. Hope you find something else soon
  24. Dan458

    The Last Man Eater Of The Mangroves

    Amazing story. In hunting you make your own luck. You made a plan and it worked. That sounds like a great hunter to me.
  25. Dan458

    FL Sizing Die Jamming??

    I have been thinking about the universal recapping die. Will get one. Cheers
  26. Dan458

    FL Sizing Die Jamming??

    That would make sense. I will give it a go. Thanks!
  27. Dan458

    Favorite game to eat on your safari

    Last trip we ate Buff, Impala, Sable and Zebra tenderloin and Zebra was by far the best. Interested to see this is the common consensus. Horse meat has a funny odour but the Zebra was very mild.
  28. Dan458

    FL Sizing Die Jamming??

    Hi all, I am having trouble with my 9.3x62 Full length sizing die jamming. The down stroke is ok but half way down the up stroke when the case is half out, it jams. I can move it but only with considerable force. This happens with every case. I am using Hornady spray case lube, have cleaned the...
  29. Dan458

    New Aus Member

    While I’m always looking for an excuse for a new bang stick, I haven’t had a deer complain about the .30 cal hole yet!
  30. Dan458

    New Aus Member

    Certainly not! From a 22LR it jumps straight to 30-06. Always, always, use enough gun!
  31. Dan458

    New Aus Member

    I appreciate the offer Stuart however I have unfinished business with the previous Buffalo! It wont be the last time so I’ll keep it in mind. Cheers
  32. Dan458

    What to carry

    As little as possible but Binos and extra rounds are the minimum. Check with you PH if they carry a rangefinder. Bring a small backpack with what you want for the day and leave it in the bakkie
  33. Dan458

    Woodleigh Hydro for buffalo?

    I was just thinking about this for my own hunt. Downsides of Hydros compared with an expanding are smaller wound channel and over penetration possibly leading to injuring another animal. As you said, Woodleigh markets them as having a bigger wound channel due to the concave meplat but I can’t...
  34. Dan458

    New Aus Member

  35. Dan458

    New Aus Member

    Hi all, Hope this finds you well. I’m a long time lurker and thought it was time to get involved. I live in South Australia where big game hunting consists mainly of red and fallow deer. I’ve made a few trips to South Africa over the years and starting to add some hunting in on these. One trip...