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  1. ALbowhunter

    Recommended Ammo for .416 Remington Magnum

    I do not have a 416 Remington Magnum, and I have only taken a handful of Buffalo. In my little experience, 400gr Swift A frames in a 404 Jeffery and 300 gr A frames in a 378 Weatherby worked awesome. Others in our hunting groups have used Barnes TSX and the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets...
  2. ALbowhunter

    .404 Jeffery bullets - What Have I Got?

    My guess is Woodleigh 400gr RNSN.
  3. ALbowhunter

    Of all the African game meat, which is your favourite? How would you rank them?

    It is really hard to pick a favorite. Buffalo, Eland, Nyala are definitely in the top of the rankings. Red Lechwe, Zebra, and Hippo would also be right there with them. One of the finest meals from game meat while in Africa was Hippo tail soup, which was more like a stew. Probably the best...
  4. ALbowhunter

    Travel with $$ rifles

    Buy insurance and take your own rifles wherever it is permitted for you to do so. The insurance through SCI is inexpensive, and I’ve heard from a thread on here recently that there are other providers even more reasonable. Nothing like taking your own firearms. Not that an outfitters...
  5. ALbowhunter

    USFWS denial in 2022 of 2018 Elephant import permit from Namibia (email string)

    I hate to hear that you were denied. I also understand your frustration. My father killed an elephant in Bwabwata in 2017. His permit was denied and was one of the ones in the lawsuit. He had given up on getting his tusks in the US. After he passed in 2022, my sister took the initiative to...
  6. ALbowhunter

    NAMIBIA: SOUTH AFRICA: Success In Namibia For Leopard & More

    Nicely done! Leopard are usually not that cooperative. The Wildebeest photo is awesome. I love the sky colors in the photo.
  7. ALbowhunter

    450 rigby

    Great to know that. Thank you. I’ll have to pick one up.
  8. ALbowhunter

    450 rigby

    Get a copy of Pierre van der Walt’s book: African Dangerous Game Cartridges. There is a good bit of information on the 450 Rigby in the book, as well as info on firearms, cartridges, and bullet selection for dangerous game rifles. There is reloading information for the 450 Rigby in the book...
  9. ALbowhunter

    Courtney Boots…finally found the trick

    The medium insoles and the Rohner trekking socks recommended and sold by African Sporting Creations made the difference in all day comfort for me. I think it is the socks more than the insoles though.
  10. ALbowhunter

    Building a 404 J

    I am interested in others comments as well. New England Custom gun had a Prechtl 404J action on their website. Not sure if it is current though. There also was a Winchester pre64 action in the classifieds on here that has already had the machine work finished. Honestly, I have been...
  11. ALbowhunter

    Importing An Elephant Into US Help

    Elephant import permits are issued on a case by case basis. There are a number of criteria that have to be met. Mostly by the country, region, reserve, park or wherever the elephant was taken. It is about 14 pages of information I believe to be filled out with supporting documentation...
  12. ALbowhunter

    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    That is a very good price for the rifle on Martini’s website. Not sure how much it would cost to import from Canada, but I believe the total for rifle and importing would be cheaper than buying a rifle with the same enhancements from Heym. Plus, you would get it sooner. The last I heard...
  13. ALbowhunter

    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    The Mauser is a fine rifle, and I would buy another. However, if the Heym were available in a cartridge I was interested, I would buy another Heym before the Mauser.
  14. ALbowhunter

    Rigby Big Game Vs Heym Express vs Mauser 98

    I have two Mauser m98 rifles and a Heym Martini Express. One of the Mausers is a 450 Rigby. The Heym is a 404 Jeffery. Smoothness of action, fit, finish, and handling of the Heym is a step above the Mauser.
  15. ALbowhunter

    Pulled the Trigger on a LH 450 Dakota…

    Very nice! You should never be undergunned with that one. I saw some .450 Dakota brass for sale somewhere online just recently. Stock up on brass and bullets whenever the opportunity arises even if you do not load yourself. I believe Hendershots and another of the premium ammo...
  16. ALbowhunter

    Favorite Lubricants 2023?

    +1 on the Slip 2000 EWL. It does a very good job, and it actually has something in it that somewhat repels dust particles. My father used it extensively in semi auto shotguns doing high volume dove/pigeon shooting. He said it never let him down when shooting some of the “dirty” shotshells...
  17. ALbowhunter

    Cartridge for dangerous first game

    I have a 404 Jeffery in a Heym Express. I also have a 450 Rigby in a Mauser M98 Diplomat. The 404 has considerably less recoil than the 450 Rigby. The recoil from a 458 Lott and a 450 Rigby are very close. Relating to performance, I do not believe that you will be wanting for any extra...
  18. ALbowhunter

    Best Shellfish?

    The Old Ebbit Grill in Washington, DC serves some of the best raw oysters. We tried 2 different ones from Nova Scotia. They were phenomenal. Other than that Dungeness crab and boiled crawfish would be my favorites.
  19. ALbowhunter

    For Sale Winchester Mod 70 Super Grade 338 Win Mag

    If the case wasn’t damaged, sounds like whoever unpacked the rifle damaged it. Scratches on the metal would make me think it was dropped. I’ve had issues twice with a firearm and parts shipped. The first was caused by the shop that received it. They unpacked the rifle before it got there. A...
  20. ALbowhunter

    Detachable Scope and Airline Travel??

    I carried two scopes and two pairs of binoculars in my backpack. No issues. If you have optics with lithium batteries, you don’t need to remove them if they are in your carry on.
  21. Leopard Hunt

    Leopard Hunt

  22. Leopard Hunt

    Leopard Hunt

  23. ALbowhunter

    Sighting in Question Shooting Leopards & Crocs

    I honestly didn’t have enough time to think about it when he walked out. There was a female with him that morning, and they left before enough light to shoot. Actually he came back about 30 minutes after daylight, and while trying to make a positive sex identification we missed our...
  24. ALbowhunter

    Special Leupold Pricing For AH

    Just bought two Leupolds and mounts from Mark. Great guy to deal with and talk to. I highly recommend giving him your business.
  25. ALbowhunter

    Sighting in Question Shooting Leopards & Crocs

    I would check it at 60yds with the current zero. If only a little high (1/2”), I don’t think I would sweat it too much. Maybe zero for 60 yds then check it at 100yds and again at 150yds. The leopard shot would be the one that I would not want to be thinking about a different point of aim...
  26. ALbowhunter

    My Next Heym Double Rifle

    I think I would be happy with any of those.
  27. ALbowhunter

    Opinions on this shipping quote

    I just paid $3,500 last Friday for a shipment from Namibia for trophies from May 2021. They were held up in quarantine for almost a year due to ‘hoof and mouth’ outbreak. The rest of the delay was from a misunderstanding about whether to hold shipment waiting on USFWS permits for one animal...
  28. ALbowhunter

    .404 Jeffery - To Scope or Not to Scope?

    I use a Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x24 with the red triangle in QD type mounts. I also have a red dot sight on a QD mount. Under all types of conditions the 1-4 or 1-6 scopes are the most versatile for me. In thick brush, shaded areas, and low light conditions the problem is not the fact of...
  29. ALbowhunter

    Rigby Floor Plate Issue

    The floor plate did not close far enough to allow the catch to fully engage. It was delivered to me in this condition, as I noticed this before I ever shot the rifle. I thought there may have been some grease or debris inside the catch keeping it from fully engaging( had that happen on...
  30. ALbowhunter

    Rigby Floor Plate Issue

    I have a new Mauser M98 in 450 Rigby which had the same issue. Ended up having to disassemble the rifle to get that screw to move. Once properly adjusted, no more popping open. I do like the idea of using the pin to prevent the floor plate from opening.
  31. ALbowhunter

    For Sale Mauser M98 450 Rigby

    Got the rifle. Just as advertised. @ay2626 great to deal with! Thanks for working with me Alex. Brian
  32. ALbowhunter

    Bullet choices for .404 Jeffery

    My 404 Jeffery handloads shoot the 400gr Swift A-frames at about 2300fps. Included is a picture of a bullet recovered from a bison shot at 75yds. Also, I recovered a bullet from a frontal shot Cape Buffalo at a distance of about 40 yds. I could not tell any noticeable difference between the...
  33. ALbowhunter

    Cape Buffalo: Ideal range for a 375 rifle? (H&H or Ruger)

    I have always liked a 75 yd zero using a 404 Jeffery or a 378 weatherby for hunting Buffalo. If you are using the same rifle and ammo for plains game also, you may want to zero the rifle for a bit farther. As long as you can hit a something the size of a grapefruit, you should be fine.
  34. ALbowhunter

    Thoughts on this riflescope

    I have the Trijicon Accupoint 1-4x24 red triangle post on a 404 Jeffery, and it has performed very well. It has always held zero. I also have the Accupoint 2-10x56 red triangle post on a 9.3x62. The 2-10x56 is one of the brightest and clearest scopes I own(compared to Swarovski, Leupold...
  35. ALbowhunter

    South Africa/Namibia

    I have hunted the Caprivi area of Namibia twice. It is an unbelievable area to hunt and/or visit. As far as animals in the area as a must do, I would say Red Lechwe would be one. There is also very good opportunities at other plains game and dangerous game. We saw good numbers and trophy...
  36. ALbowhunter

    NAMIBIA: Namibia With Ndumo Hunting Safaris 2021

    Those guys are top notch. My family and I have hunted with them twice. We were there this past May and had an unbelievable trip. Will definitely be hunting with Karl and Divan in the future. You were also correct in your statement about Colleen. She really makes things happen. I could...
  37. ALbowhunter

    Packing ammo

    If you use the the plastic 50 rd ammo boxes, make sure they have a good latch on the box and hold the rounds separately. Then pack them in a case that can be locked and is substantial for airline travel on its own, such as a pelican case. As stated previously in this post, some airlines...
  38. ALbowhunter

    Warm Weather Socks with Courteney Boots?

    I bought the Rohner trekking socks. Also purchased another pair of padded hiking socks from Bass Pro. Both of them make a difference in how your feet feel after walking all day versus just regular weight socks. I did not notice my feet sweating anymore than with a regular sock.
  39. ALbowhunter

    375 solid preference? Elephant considered

    +1 on the Cutting Edge solids. I was just on their website ordering something else, and I saw that the .375/300gr solids are in stock.
  40. ALbowhunter

    Solids for the .404J

    I use the 400 gr AFrames and 400 gr Cutting Edge solids in my 404. The Cutting Edge solids hit a little higher than the A frames with the same weight powder charge. Using 84 gr of H4350 for the A frames and 83.7 gr of H4350 for the Cutting Edge Solids gives same point of impact at 75yards. I...
  41. ALbowhunter

    Cutting Edge Bullets For Large Dangerous Game

    I was able to get the 400gr CEB solids to hit with 400gr A-frames with a little adjustment on powder charge out of my 416 Rigby. I never hunted with the 416 before I sold it. I have used the A-frame/ CEB solid combo out of several different calibers (378 weatherby, 416 Rigby, 404 Jeffery)...
  42. Leopard Hunt Caprivi Bwabwata National Park Namibia

    Leopard Hunt Caprivi Bwabwata National Park Namibia

  43. Leopard Hunt Caprivi Bwabwata National Park Namibia

    Leopard Hunt Caprivi Bwabwata National Park Namibia

  44. ALbowhunter

    Namibia Leopard Hunt

    To clarify my comment above about the baits, we did not have to pay extra to shoot animals off quota to use for bait. The baits were included in the hunt. Whether or not you have to pay extra for the baits is a question that should be asked of any safari company you choose. Paying trophy and...
  45. ALbowhunter

    Namibia Leopard Hunt

    Karl Stumpfe with @ndumo HUNTING SAFARIS. He hunts the Caprivi in Bwabwata National Park. Many nice leopard there. He and the other PH, Divan, spared no effort or expense on baits to get our leopards. We had activity on 7 of the 10 baits during our hunt.
  46. ALbowhunter

    Optics Advice From Experienced Elephant Hunters or Professional Hunters

    Just for a visual comparison I took a pictures from about 4yds away looking at a zebra mount through a Trijicon Accupoint 1-6x24 and a Docter reflex sight. I apologize for not getting better focus for the scope picture. It actually has the red triangle reticle. For really close shots the...
  47. ALbowhunter

    Loading 9.3x62 with VV N150

    I am planning to use the rifle for PG, but I would like to have it loaded up ready for most anything. My next trip will be mixed bag including Buffalo and Hippo. I have a bigger rifle for the dangerous game, and the 9.3 will make a good 2nd rifle in the event something unfortunate happened...
  48. ALbowhunter

    Loading 9.3x62 with VV N150

    Sorry I forgot to add that I am using the Woodleigh Weldcore round nose bullet. The C.O.L. Is 3.24, and the B.C. for the bullet is .321. Thank you for the Quickload data. I also have a couple boxes of the Swift A frames that I plan to load, so your info will be most helpful. Around 56 gr is...