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  1. Uncharted_NT

    Reloading questions for 416 Ruger

    Grab a copy of the Woodleigh Reloading book, very worthwhile if you own a .416 Ruger.
  2. Uncharted_NT

    Massacres in Burkina Faso

    Thanks for sharing. Shame re the state of the country. It has some great mining prospects as well.
  3. Uncharted_NT

    Watson Bros. London .318 Westley Richards

    Glorious rifle. Worthy of any collection. Now its time to load some ammo and take it on safari!
  4. Uncharted_NT

    Arnhem Land Australia Cull Buffalo Hunt

    Great deal!
  5. Uncharted_NT

    Red Meat... Best Hunting Vehicle

    Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series. Hands down, no questions asked. Or a Hilux in a pinch.
  6. Uncharted_NT

    Woodleigh Bullets

    What's the attraction to them over the 174gn for plains game? I tried a box of the 215gn, shot pigs, donkeys and a few scrubbers with them. Didn't notice any significant difference over the 174gn other than drastic change in POI.
  7. Uncharted_NT

    Who taught you how to hunt, and when?

    Some of my earliest memories are watching my dad go for an afternoon stroll on the farm with a .22 shooting rabbits. Eventually I was allowed to try shooting the old single shot .22. Hundreds of rabbits and a few foxes later I moved up to a .222 and started on the pigs and foxes. At 19 I took my...
  8. Uncharted_NT

    Permanently importing a rifle into Oz

    Which state are you moving to? I'm having a .500J built at the moment.
  9. Uncharted_NT

    Permanently importing a rifle into Oz

    You can fly it with you and do it that way as well, may potentially save you some $$$ on shipping.
  10. Uncharted_NT

    Permanently importing a rifle into Oz

    Easy enough to do. Line up a good dealer in Aus to handle the import process then be patient. Happy days.
  11. Uncharted_NT

    How do you sharpen your knife?

    Combination of wet stone and the Spyderco Sharpmaker. The Spyderco is amazing on pocket knives but goes well on big knives too.
  12. Uncharted_NT

    Custom shooting sticks

    Needed a new set of sticks to practice with before the next trip. Very happy with how they turned out so thought I would share. Two piece construction Tasmanian Oak Ostrich leather
  13. Uncharted_NT

    Gecado 7x57 Mauser 98

    Pictured is my Gecado 7x57. I find it interesting as I cant find another similar online or anything anywhere. I have owned it a few years now and believe it spent the last few decades in the Northern Territory of Australia. There is little info online other than that Gecado was part of G.C...
  14. Uncharted_NT

    So I built a Book/gun case

    Unreal! Great stuff.
  15. Uncharted_NT

    Any Aussies had a 425 WR built?

    Ah gotcha! The unknowns of buying a half finished project definitely make it interesting.
  16. Uncharted_NT

    Any Aussies had a 425 WR built?

    Was that the 500J project with the Wiebe bottom metal that was floating around a few of the sales websites for a fair while?