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  1. JOHunts

    Shot Placement On Sable

    Definitely a Dream hunt last week in South Africa, got a nice Cape Buffalo, but what not many know is that some dreams are Nightmares. For longer than a Cape Buffalo, I've wanted a Sable. For this trip I wanted to take him with my Bow. On the second day we found him and I made, what by all...
  2. JOHunts

    Thanks for your help on a great 1st safari

    Thank you to AH and all those who contribute. You were a great resource in planning my first Safari in South Africa. Thought you might like to see some photos. Had a great experience with Eland Safaris. Can't wait for my next. Nyala. Spiral 28.5", Green score 68 SCI: Silver Blue Wildebeest...