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  1. LostinTexas_45

    30-30 in Africa

    I've always loved lever actions and the ancient (by today's standards) 30-30 cartridge. And so of course I had to wonder, "how well does this cartridge work in Africa?" I know it isnt a long range cartridge but I figure it could put a hole in something under 200 yds. Does anybody have experience...
  2. LostinTexas_45

    .300WM vs .300WSM

    Here is another little poll. Cast your votes. Give us a reason why you chose the caliber.
  3. LostinTexas_45

    .270 vs .270 WSM

    Which do you prefer and why? Also list any hunting experience you may have with either cartridge
  4. LostinTexas_45

    Literature for South Africa

    Does anybody have any suggested literature on South African game? Their habits and tactics for hunting them?
  5. LostinTexas_45

    .270 vs 30-06... shoot flatter or hit harder?

    Which do you prefer? Cast your vote and comment below why you made your choice.
  6. LostinTexas_45

    Gear you couldn’t hunt without

    what gear do you find impossible to hunt without? What do you bring with you whenever and wherever you hunt?
  7. LostinTexas_45

    Debate time: .308 vs .270

    ...tonight on .308 vs other favorite cartridges... Which do you prefer? Why?
  8. LostinTexas_45

    If you could only have 3 guns....

    If you could only have 3 firearms for the rest of your life, what would they be (and what caliber) and why?
  9. LostinTexas_45

    In need for recommendations for South African outfitters

    I have a few in mind but I wouldn't mind having a couple of suggestions. The ones I have in mind are Stanley Pieterse safaris, Ash adventures, and Marvel Africa hunting safaris.
  10. LostinTexas_45

    7.62x39 for hunting? Thoughts? Opinions?

    Hunting with this round is becoming ,ore popular here in the untied states for a number of reasons. But what does everybody think of this caliber for hunting?
  11. LostinTexas_45

    Debate time: .308 vs 30-06 for African game

    I would like to see yalls opinion on using either a .308 or a 30-06 during the hunt for African game
  12. LostinTexas_45

    Does anybody have experience hunting with the .450 bushmaster in Africa?

    I am looking for an excuse to get one LOL