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    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    Ok. That’s what I remember. I also use TWG and used the 100 service when I transferred through SA. For that amount I wouldn’t leave my gun at home and use someone else’s gun. Just my opinion...
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    Is there such a thing as too big?

    Started with 375, went to 458 win mag, but settled on and love my 450 Dakota. I can reload for less than 2 bucks a round. Most I’ve shot in one day was 70 rounds during a safari training shooting school.
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    Gun Room/Reloading Room Project Complete (almost)

    Looks great but I’m confused about the ammo being in the safe but the guns loose in the open.
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    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    What do the current cost and fees amount to import each rifle into SA
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    Namibia to open its borders

    Any news?
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    Namibia: Open borders for tourists in the spotlight

    Agreed. With 40k cases in one day and 17,000 in my state in past 3 days no way will Americans be let in. Oh well guess my safari will be in 2021
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    So thoughts on what this means for travelers coming from the US? Maybe July 15?
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    Still no news? Looks like SA may open up soon depending on where you look. it was nice of Qatar airlines to cancel my tickets that cost 2k and now offer tickets costing 2.5k per my travel agent.
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    Is the current thinking that they’re going to open up August 1?
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    For Sale Custom 416 Taylor On Remington 700 - Houston

    Must resist. Already bought one nice rifle from tarbe.
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    Got word from my travel agent that it was Qatar Airlines that canceled the flight because they’re being very aggressive and canceling flights not because Namibia has closed. That said if Namibia opens up on July 1 as planned I doubt that they’re going to open up to the US which seems to be the...
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    Any updates from someone in the know? I just got an email from my travel agent saying my flight in July was canceled by Qatar Airlines. Interested to see if it’s Namibia that’s closed the border or what. So disappointed ☹️
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    How far in advance from flight dates have airlines such as Qatar been canceling flights?
  14. Range Shots

    Range Shots

    Finally got back out there and shot some 106.0 and 106.5 rounds. I'm not sure what happened with the first round of each group but it was really high for the first group and low for the second group. I have been writing the grain weight on the case itself so I know I didn't mix up any of the...
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    450 Dakota Load Development

    Finally got back out there and shot some 106.0 and 106.5 rounds. I'm not sure what happened with the first round of each group but it was really high for the first group and low for the second group. I have been writing the grain weight on the case itself so I know I didn't mix up any of the...
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    Canada's boy king Bans Firearms - List of 1500 Indicates a 500 grain at 2600 FPS is 10894 joules which is max load for 460 Weatherby
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    Namibia Hunting Update

    I’m supposed to be there July 15. I hope it happens Why no buying or selling of alcohol? It’s the only way we’ve been able to make it through it over here
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    450 Dakota Load Development

    Barrel is 23 inches. Help me understand what you mean about powder burn in barrel as I’m not familiar with this. Are you saying that 15% or more of the powder is wasted? Thanks!
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    450 Dakota Load Development

    A little while back I purchased a 450 Dakota from a fellow AH member and am finally working up loads for my first cape buffalo hunting trip which will hopefully still occur due to corona. I worked up loads with IMR 4350 and 500 grain Swift A-Frame bullets and shot 3 rounds of each from 96-104...
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    For Sale 450 Dakota AHR CZ 550 - Houston

    I'm the soon to be purchaser and as Tim mentioned the rifle will be headed back to hunt buff in Africa next summer as long as my wife doesn't kill be before then... The rifle is truly a work of art and function. As others have mentioned before Tim is a stand up guy who I enjoyed talking to...
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    Bringing wife on safari...On the fence

    Oh he would like to go that is for sure. This is mainly just me being selfish with my alone time and financially. My wife is also in better shape than I am so no worries there. I do have slight concern about security and safety. On my own I wouldn't have to worry about these things. I tend...
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    Bringing wife on safari...On the fence

    I'm planning a buff hunt next year either in Zim or Tanzania. Question is should I bring my wife? Previously I've been on a plains game safari in Zim. I was there with my father in law as he was hunting leopard. As we were both hunting I really only saw him for a couple of hours at night...
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    ALERT: Limpopo, Botswana on high alert as both issue Malaria warning

    This is so true. I walked out in zim wearing shorts and shirt sleeves shorts. The crew was wearing three layers of clothes. The tracker had an old sweatshirt wrapped around his head.
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    Shooting Sticks

    Darn. I've been keeping my feet on in front of the other. Guess I need to retrain myself.
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    Possible to reangle a mounts head

    Thank you all for the input!
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    Possible to reangle a mounts head

    I've got a bushbuck that looks great however it needs to have the he dangled down. It would look great at 8 foot but I have it at 13 foot and it is looking straight out. Could a taxidermist fix the angle? How about an ear. They have one ear angled back but I would like it to be forward. Thanks!
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    Zebra rug - getting it done in Africa or at home?

    I had mine done in South Africa by Splitting image. The backing job was great but it has about 30 dime sized/shaped spots where hair is missing. Not sure if it was due to the tanning or hair slippage in the skinning / 6 months it took to get from Zim to RSA
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    Lion, Buffalo, Sable & Roan Combo Hunt Specials

    No problem. Thanks!
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    Lion, Buffalo, Sable & Roan Combo Hunt Specials

    Also. When does the hunt have to take place. Thx
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    Lion, Buffalo, Sable & Roan Combo Hunt Specials

    Do the prices reflect day rate and trophy fee? What isn't included? Thank you!
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    Giraffe Hunting With Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris

    Shooter in the video looks like he is shooting right handed but using his left eye. It looks awkward but apparently it works for him. Reason I ask is because my 10 yr old son is left eye dominant but right handed. I figured this out when he started shooting and looked like the guy in the...
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    HUNTING Mule Deer

    Most likely going Mule Deer hunting this weekend. I've shot two previously and always aimed at the crease at the back of the front let however this seems to indicate the I should be aiming a few inches closer to the front. I don't worry about shoulder meat so will likely take the advice in...
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    Shipping and Import from South Africa

    Wow thanks for all the quick responses. I'm in agreement on the Air and less potential for damage especially with the cost so close. Can anyone point me to a primer on how to clear them myself? Is there a local person in Houston that could help or someone you guys would recommend? I've not...
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    Shipping and Import from South Africa

    First timer and looking for some input. My trophies are done and crated and waiting to be shipped out from South Africa. The shipping folks gave me a quote of $1,100 by Ocean which would go to New York and $1,600 by air which would go to Houston where I live so no additional freight charge...
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    Kudu, Zebra, Oryx - 375 H&H

    Same gun CZ550 and I used 300 grain Swift A-Frames for my Zebra, Wildebeest, and an impromptu Impala. I shot a mule deer with the same round with no issues. IMHO the larger slower bullet doesn't cause any more waste damage to the meat than say a 30-06. Before I went I put 200 rounds down it...
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    Cleaning oil off horns Aoudad

    Absolutely! Thank you for your professional and honest opinion! So you think this is the result of boiling the skull versus added oil on the horns? I've showed it to multiple friends and they all like it so maybe I'm in the minority but they will be in my house. Oh well. Thank you again to...
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    Cleaning oil off horns Aoudad

    I shot a beautiful aoudad with horns measuring 34.5 and 32.4 inches. The cape was in bad shape because the animal was very old so I decided on a European mount. My father in law took it to a local guy that has done tons of deer for us and I assumed he knew what he was doing. Best I can tell...
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    Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 30mm Firedot (Illuminated) Duplex Scope For Sale

    Very tempted. I've got got a leupold 4x fixed on my cz 375h&h that could benefit from a little mor magnification.
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    Decent middle of the road optics for my .375?

    I used a Leupold vx2 4x33 on my 375 and while it worked for the zebra and wildebeest I took at 150 yards I would have liked a little more magnification. 100 yards and under it was great.
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    Elephant & Leopard Hunt Special

    What is the possibility on having the Elephant material stored in country and then shipped to the USA if and when the ban is lifted?
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    CZ550 Safari Magnum .375H&H

    Looks nice and a good price! I have the same model with the curved European buttstock which I really like. I know some folks don't like this style but to me it is more comfortable!
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    Vaccines: What do I need or should I get Zimbabwe through South Africa

    Live in the US/Texas and am going to Zim through South Africa (spending the night). I haven't gotten any vaccines except the flu shot in years. Talked to my primary care doctor and they can do Tetnus and Hep A for an office visit. For Yellow fever I need to go to a either a specialist...
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    Form 4457 no longer sufficent to export firemarms

    Hi all, I'm a brand new memember preparing for my safari in Zim in two months! I got an e-mail from SCI where they say the form 4457 is no longer sufficent and there is a new process just now being enforced even though it went into effect in 2012. New process is below. Should I still do...