Coming to South Africa is probably on every hunters bucket list. If you are looking to come but skeptical on the outfitter to use? Give Nick Bowker a call! You booking your hunt with him will be the best decision you can make! Nick has extensive knowledge of these game animals, their habitats and what is a good quality trophy!

My experience here with Nick has left me 100% satisfied! Nick and I had so much In common there was hardly any silence between us (LOL). This was a plus for me coming here alone and not knowing if it was going to be mostly business and awkward silence. However, that was not the case at all. Nick and his family made me feel very welcome! All of them are great company, fun to be around and talk with. We shared countless laughs around the fire each night.

The Kudu hunt was by far the best! Nick went above and beyond to make sure I got a great trophy. We passed up on several good bulls. Yes, They were shooter bulls and I assure you if Nick was not who I booked with I might have took the shot on one that size. Nick would say “he’s a good bull” or “he’s a shooter but I seen better around here”.

I have had the best time here! I promise you that 8 days seems long when you arrive but will go so fast! and before you know it your packing up for the trip back home.

If you are planning this hunt and You booked with Nick you won’t be disappointed! If your looking to do this hunt but don’t want to come alone call Nick and have him contact me. I’ll be more then happy to make another trip back here
and hunt with you.