The organization and the quality of the hunt were outstanding! The hunting areas managed by Marius feature animals with top quality trophies and the environments are breathtaking wilds and free ranges! I highly recommend everyone to go with KMG Hunting Safaris, it will be an unforgettable wonderful experience
first class company ran and operated by some truly excellent hunters, world class trophies in a truly picturesque environment.....incredible value.
I have hunted twice with Marius at KMG in the Eastern Cape. I have been on guided hunts all over North America and others in Africa and I can honestly say that Marius is the probably the best pure hunter I have ever been with as a guide/PH. Beyond that, he is ethical beyond question in all regards, both hunting and running his business. I have taken 9 plains game animals and a Cape Buffalo with Marius and could have killed many more had I chosen too or not blown the opportunity myself. For his abilities as a PH and just as importantly, his integrity in everything he does, I give Marius my highest possible recommendation to anybody considering a hunt in Southern Africa. I will be back for a 3rd trip with KMG in 2024
I’ve been on many Plains Game Hunts & in 2021 decided on organizing a 1st Timer Group (3) – just the thought brought a bit of ‘what have I done’, pressure & stress for their enjoyment and hunting success.

Marius spot-on communications ahead of the hunt (key!), KMG Team seamless organization, and the Coastal Lodge owners/staff hospitality were all clearly on display from Day #1 and alleviated all my group worries!

Marius/Team are extremely committed to your hunt experience, hunting days are properly thought-out and he is reputation across the E. Cape has earned access to prime hunting properties & trophies.

Coastal Lodge has that proper authentic African look/feel, well-appointed chalets, post card patio views, scrumptious food and warm memorable friendships.

KMG Team embraced the ToTo Crew & hosted an epic Hunt/Stay adventure!
The KMG team works tirelessly to make your safari everything you ask for. My 2021 safari was simply the best 10 days of my life. Animal quality was exceptional. The country we hunted was rugged and gave little away. Marius is a master of the stalk. Every shot I fired was preceded by actions and events that I’ll always remember.

Whether you are older and have slowed down like me, or are still young, fit and highly mobile, KMG will put together a hunt that delivers as much challenge as you can handle.

KMG, Marius and his staff are top-shelf people and professionals. I can’t wait to get back!
2021 hunt with KMG hunt was 6 Stars Marius is always great to work with. One of the most trustworthy guys I know. I would not hesitate to book with him again.
Enjoyed the hunt and time with Marius. Very well prepared and has lots of great areas for top quality species! 100% recommended.
Hunted 2 times with KMG both times were excellent, very nice accommodations, and quality animals on large properties. Marius will work hard for you to make your safari a hunt of a lifetime.
Marius and everyone involved with KMG did all they could to make my trip as successful as possible. When I decided to hunt bushpig with my bow we covered everything needed for hunting at night with a bow well before to make sure I was prepared. Marius strived to find mature animals and memorable hunts for each species I took. Accommodations and food were great and all skinning was done professionally and taken to the taxidermist of my choice promptly the day the hunt ended. Marius was even nice enough to drop me off at a car rental in Grahamstown where I had set up a car for travel after my hunt.
My wife and i have hunted with Marius several times and always have a ball. Outfit, crew, lodging, and game animals are topnotch. I definitely recommend KMG
My daughter and I hunted with KMG in 2018. My second safari, her first. Marius and his crew are beyond excellent in their hospitality and abilities in the field. My daughter and I are scheduled to hunt with KMG again in 2021 and we can hardly wait!
KMG exceed all of my expectations! I have been on 3 hunts with them and we are currently planning trip 4. I have been blown away on every one of my safaris thus far and highly recommend KMG to anybody looking for an African Safari.
My wife Dena and I hunted with KMG last year. Absolutely the best hunting experience of our lives. We can’t wait to come back.
Sandy and I have hunted twice with KMG, Marius and Marten are the real deal. You’ll be treated like family!
Hunted with Marius and KMG six times. A true professional with a first rate hunting outfit. A hunter's hunter, he will always go the extra mile for you. I cant wait to get back!
Hunted with the KMG team and we are booked again. Great fun and great hunting. We enjoy the company and the hunting is awesome. Looking forward to the Limpopo next time around.
Looking forward to my third safari with the team at KMG. My friends and family have always had a fantastic time; with the perfect balance of hard hunting, quality mature trophies, fun and laughter! Highly recommended to all.
Have been on many trips in North America but none of them have been even close to the experience that Marius and KMG provided us. Everything was great, lodging and trophy quality is outstanding. Highly recommended! We are going back in 2021.
Our group ranged from 13 to 80 years old. Marius is a true professional - a selective hunter, and caring person. All of us came away with great memories. I am looking forward to the next safari with him!
I've hunted with KMG 4 times to date and returning next year for a 5th. Awesome true hunting experience and awesome people.
Hunted with KMG Hunting Safaris in 2018 and it was the best trip of my life. Marius did everything to ensure that my hunt went as I’d hoped and then some. Excellent operation. Hope to return in the future!
I've hunted Africa with 4 different outfitters. KMG twice and will hunt with them again. Hunting, people and accommodations were all amazing!
"Professional" Hunter and Outfitter. KMG is an elite Safari expert from accommodations, to game species, and most important their team - EXCEPTIONAL!
An all round professional outfit. Great team to hunt and spend time with.