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Jacques Spamer
+27 (82) 885 2067
+27 (82) 885 2067
JKO HUNTING SAFARIS is based in South Africa is operated by Jacques Spamer, Jacques has been in the hunting industry since 2004.

JKO HUNTING SAFARIS offers you the service to personalize and perfectly craft your safari to suit your personal needs and budget. Our main goal is to offer you as a hunter a seamless and simple research and booking process by helping you every step of the way in a professional manner. Personal service and high quality safaris are our highest priority for you as a hunter!

Feel free to browse through our portfolio of all inclusive packages offered in South Africa and other countries through JKO HUNTING SAFARIS, these packages are all inclusive and were built to offer you the highest value for your money.

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I hunted with Jacques in may of 2023 for plains game in the free state. Jacques was very patient with me as I attempted to put a group together. Jacques was with us for a couple days then had to attend to business and left us in the hands of his PH Riaan. The trip itself was amazing and we definitely felt like we where in control of how we wanted to hunt and weren’t pressured to shoot anything we didn’t to. The cherry on top was with us being younger guys Riaan was right in our age group and made it felt like we were hunting with friends back home. I definitely can say next time I come back to Africa I will make sure I am hunting with Jko safaris and hopefully Riaan guiding atleast someone in my group.
Jacques set up a buffalo hunt for me in Zimbabwe. The area I hunted was awesome. There were a ton of buffalo there. I was successful on a great bull as well as Sable and other plains game. I wouldn't hesitate booking with JKO again. Jacques was fantastic to work with and I can't wait to go on another hunt with him.
Where do I start,
On such an amazing and wonderful experience with a, just as amazing and wonderful outfitter/PH's like JKO Safaris has.
Jacques and Van Zyl, who both dragged me around the Freestate Provence of SA, two of the most down to earth and friendly guys you can ever ask to hunt with. You will always feel like an old friend in camp
when hunting with JKO Safaris.
More like life long hunting buddies then just a Client was my thought, then youll snap back to reality once your back at the camp, With the beautiful lodges, amazing accommodations, wonderful Staff and Great food, you'll feel like royalty and have to loosen your belt a little by the time the nights done.
Jacques/JKO will make sure that you are in the right area for the best possible chance for the game your after; be it Dangerouse game or plains game.

Myself, Being a bow hunter, Jacques knew that the area we arranged first, wasnt presently possible to get in with archery equipment on Cape Buffalo, with out taking to much risk of wounding an animal or human harm happening.
So, Jacques moved my hunt to an area with alot better chances of a great and safe as could be, archery cape buffalo hunt. Freestate.
To me that showed alot, and at no extra cost to me, He made the necessary arrangements with flights to the location and for one of his PHs, Van Zyl, to pick me up and drive me to the new area! Just Wow!! JKO made a last min desition, for what was best for the clients' hunt. Not just for them, but for the client. That speaks volumes. Amazing!!!
Shows that Jacques was more concerned about the quality of my experience then just getting me to fill my tags.
As true hunters, we know and understand, that plans change things happen and we just have to go with the flow. As far as I'm concerned I'm more then happy we did!!!
People and Staff
For me being around people who are real genuine, straight forward, salt of the earth, happy to show you their world types, is the most important element to enjoying a hunt with an outfitter/PH. Jacques, Van Zyl, Vella, and all the folks at Sandymount, they have those qualities and so, so much more!!! All wonderful people!!!
You will come a stranger/Client and leave as life long friends. The people that you will encounter while hunting with Jacques and JKO Safaris, will make you fall in love with the location/area you are hunting. I cant praise the People I came in contact with enough, truly great people just to experience being around!

As for the quality of the animals, you will NOT be disappointed, ever, while your there!!! From the moment you wake up, to the moment your head hits the pillow at night.
Every animal was as health as could be. Trophy quality for what any hunter is looking for will be there. The genetics are amazing. You will see the younger animals and know that, given a few years to grow, that they will become magnificent trophies. Just beautiful animals all over. Finding a monster will take effort but remember, patience is the biggest and best tool for a hunter. The animal of your dreams will be there, you just have to work at it and JKO/Jacques/Van Zyl will work their hardest and push you to make your hunt dream come true!!! For sure!!! My feet still hurt. Lol 4 days later

Tell Jacques, Van or any other PH under JKO, what you expect, be up front on everything. What trophies you want, size your looking for and want you expect, they will do their very best to make it happen or tell you straight up what is realistic for the area, either way, I promise you, you'll be more then happy with the results, each and every day above and beyond your expectations.

For these reasons above and many more then I'm sure you care to read at this point, ((My long review)) I will be going back to hunt the dark continent with JKO Safaris and no one else, from here on! If it's your dream to hunt it, JKO Safaris can help you make it come true!

Happy hunting and hope you make the call to Jacques and JKO Safaris, you won't be disappointed!
Jacques is a great guy and very experienced PH! Have hunted with him many times and will do so again in the future! He has access to many areas in quite a few countries, I highly recommend him!