My wife and I just returned from our first African safari. It was an amazing hunt and experience that we would not change anything about. The staff and facilities were all excellent, and the "down time" at the lodge was an unexpected bonus as we watched game in the fields below every day and every evening. If you ever wake at night and have the blinds open to your chalet (all glass front), you will be treated to a view of zebra or waterbuck feeding in the green grass/clover just yards from your front door. The food was excellent and we had wild game cooked over coals every night.
My 5 star rating is an easy one. I would have given 5 stars if I was alone, but the 5 stars were earned from the perspective of having a non-hunting spouse with me as well. My wife had an amazing time and I never thought I would be able to say that of her experience on a hunting trip.
Game were of excellent quality and I had the hunt of a lifetime.
I hunted with @Game4Africa (Wikus PH/Owner) this year (28 Mar- 4 Jun 2022) and had an amazing experience where you'll be treated like family and not a paying client. They offer a great value for the money, large properties, excellent variety and quality of animals, great and modern accommodations, food is out of this world, and if you like to eat game all you have to do is ask. I only ate game meat while I was there. :) I've posted a detail hunting report on Game4Africa. If you want a challenging and rewarding hunt, give them a call. You won't regret it.

My wife and I are planning a return trip in 2 years.

Here is the link to my hunt report:
My father and I hunted with Wik & Colin in 2019. They have since become good friends and although we live on separate continents, we still communicate often. I believe so much in all the staff at Game4Africa Safaris I have volunteered in doing some shows to spread the word here in the US for them. They will work their tail off to get you on quality animals and make sure you have a great time. The terrain they have access to is breathtaking and will vary from savannah grasslands to mountains with thick vegetation. The food was 5 star every night and I highly recommend experiencing the variety of game meat available to them. We cannot wait until 2021 as is our return trip.....and this time we are bringing friends!
Our first international trip was a management hunt with Game4Africa in January 2020
I wanted a budget hunt and an experience and Wikus Cooetzee tailored a package for us.
We had a good time and were treated to an amazing Lamb roast hosted by Wikus and Brittany on the first night and were able to try traditional African foods throughout our stay.
We went to Addo and Pumba along with a look around Grahamstown.
We saw numerous trophies and an elusive one horned Kudu Bull that proved to be challenging. I wasnt after a trophy but i like a challenge.

Game4Africa your best shot at Kudu in South Africa
This is a first class operation. I selected Game4africa for my first safari in 2017. I brought my wife for our anniversary and everything was 1st class. From food, accommodations, hunting, equipment, and personnel everything surpassed expectations. This is a family operation that will build an experience that is exactly what YOU want. I have a VERY extensive report on this site. Please contact me with any questions.
My wife and a friend hunted with Game 4 Africa in 2018, we had a marvelous time. Game was plentiful especially kudu and nyala . All of our needs were handled quickly and professionally. We shot all of our animals in 6 days on an 8 day hunt so we added a couple of animals to the list with no trouble. I am planning to go back and get one of the giant buffalo they have roaming the farms. Great place especially if taking your spouse.
My brother and I enjoyed our first safari there in 2018 and I and my wife will return in 2022 for the next round. I loved the food, private chalet and especially the diversity of game. My suggestion to any first timer would be to choose Game4Africa for cape kudu, waterbuck, zebra, impala and even duiker. My first animal was a nyala and we passed several before ph Wik found "the one." We took other animals as well, but their homeland concession was my favorite! Watching the trackers carry the game out whole so your cape doesn't get dragged and your meat unduly "tenderized" was a powerful experience. Excellent vehicles, rifles for rent and fun lodge and bar area. The nightly post hunt fire with drinks and snacks while the ph's and staff prepare rich meat over a cooking fire is soul restoring stuff. Improvements have been made to the lodge since I was there and both ph's I hunted with have since gotten married which makes my wife more comfortable and feel like she fits in better. Remember to try the meatballs, be prepared to take extra animals (I found a sable that I could not live without) and just relax and enjoy!
Hunted here in 2019. Lots of game (especially Kudu), large properties, great food, comfortable/relaxing lodge, excellent game care. Bringing a friend back in 2021.
I've done a 10 day and a 7 day PG hunt with @Game4Africa and had a wonderful experience both times. I believe they offer a great value, large properties, excellent variety and quality of game, great accommodations, food and drink. I've posted two hunting reports on Game4Africa.
Great people, great place, great hunting.
I’ve posted a report on AH about my first hunt with them and look forward to posting another as I’ve already book my next hunt with them.