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+27 (76) 072 7877
+27 (76) 072 7877

At African Hunts & Safaris we provide outstanding African hunting experiences, paired with our renowned attention to detail in customer service.

Not only do we want to make sure that you have a successful hunt, but we also want to make sure that you get to enjoy the incredible wealth of hospitality, landscape, and diversity that our beloved South Africa has to offer.

We are really proud of the fact that the majority of our customers end up becoming our friends, and you can expect us to treat you in the same manner right from the moment we begin working together.

We have a strong commitment to hunting in a responsible and sustainable manner, a passion for the outdoors, namely the African bush, as well as adventure.

We are filled with honour and pride for our home country and have the highest regard for nature and our surrounding.

We are strongly dedicated to the conservation cause therefore we hunt in an ethical and fair manner using fair pursue methods in regions where the game is free to run from the hunters.

We guarantee you excellent trophy quality.

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Meet the Team
The co-owners of African Hunts & Safaris, Gerrie du Plessis and Nicus Janse van Rensburg, consider hunting to be more of a passion than a sport or a hobby for themselves.



Nicus spent his childhood in the Free State, and it was there that he picked up the hobby of hunting at a young age. At the age of 30, he had already established himself as a successful hunting guide and was even more enthusiastic about the outdoors.
As a licenced hunting guide, he has given countless hunters the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions of bringing home the trophy of their life while also ensuring that they have the experience of a lifetime.
He is a natural leader who knows how to maintain the ideal level of seriousness and assurance while hunting, without sacrificing the fun and excitement that comes along with an experience like a safari. His strongest assets are his honesty, his loyalty, his integrity, and his sense of responsibility.
Nicus is also an experienced and talented bow hunter who places a high priority on respect for nature and animals, as well as safety when handling weapons.
After owning enterprises in the city for more than 20 years, Gerrie made the decision to move away from the city’s hustle and bustle.
Recently, he and his family moved from Gauteng to the smaller town of Hoedspruit in the province of Limpopo. All of them have a deep appreciation for the African bush, its fauna, flora, and other natural features.
When he was a young child, he frequently went hunting with family and friends, which sparked his interest in the outdoors and the sport of hunting.
Today, he reflects on a prosperous business career and looks forward to the day when, in his capacity as a professional hunter, he will go out of his way to entertain and treat tourists who come to his nation to see its treasures.


Gerrie has participated in hunting expeditions with a number of other outfitters, during which he has not only provided outstanding service to all of those clients’ customers but also successfully harvested high-quality trophies. The testimonies of his previous clients speak for themselves.
He has known Nicus for around eight years, and the two of them have a mutual appreciation for people, hunting, and the great outdoors.
As a result of their choice to merge their respective areas of expertise, African Hunts & Safaris will be able to offer memorable hunting safaris to hunters from all over the world, together with their families.

What We Offer You
We provide private hunting experiences of the highest possible quality, paired with great personal service.
Since the purpose of a hunt is to provide the hunter with the best possible experience and, ultimately, a prize that reflects their accomplishments, our personalized hunting packages are adaptable to meet the needs of the particular hunter and his or her desired trophies.
The skilled hunters that we employ have a sufficient amount of experience hunting both dangerous and plains game.
Each and every member of the African Hunts & Safaris team is dedicated to ensuring that your African hunting safari is one that you will never forget.
We exclusively hunt in regions that are known to have abundant animals.
We focus on providing memorable experiences for couples and families on our hunting safaris in South Africa, and we always have a variety of activities available to guarantee that everyone in the group, regardless of whether or not they hunt, will have a fantastic time while they are here.
The client’s specific needs will be taken into account while developing an estimate for their personalized package.


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