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    Hunting wild pig in San Diego county

    Okay so I've been told that there is good pig hunting between Escondido and Ramona past the Safari park in the canyon near Cleveland National Forrest (any further information on this would be welcome) But my question is this. What information can anyone give me about hunting wild pig (avg...
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    Concealed Carry

    Full size SA 1911 milspec for me.
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    Hey all, I am a U.S. military veteran (I was a FMF Corpsman) and looking to join Vetpaw which is a veteran run organization with promotes and conducts ant-poaching operations throughout Africa and trains game rangers in patrolling, marksmanship, and field medicine (my field). I was wondering if...
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    8mm Mauser for Elk

    Was he right about .308
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    8mm Mauser for Elk

    Hey all, My buddy just invited me up to his place in Idaho (I'm in California) to do some Elk hunting. The issue is he says my 8mm Mauser 98k is overpowered for the job. I also have a S.A. M1A Scout Squad in .308 but he claims I need a scope and it's a bitch and expensive to mount a scope to it...
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    Lever Action Rifles In Africa?

    I need to get her one and I was thinking about 45-70 gov
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    Lever Action Rifles In Africa?

    Hey guys I was talking t my wife the other day and she wants a new hunting rifle but doesn't like bolt action rifles. Which brought up the question of can she use a lever action for hunting in Africa? I know that Marlin makes rifle capable of bringing down moose but I haven't seen and photos of...
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    Zimbabwe Lifts Suspension on Hunting Lion, Leopard and Elephant Found this article and was very surprised they gave genuine credit to real conservationists and from the NY Times no less.
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    Big Cat hunting decision irreversible – Jean Kapata

    I may have swayed a few college students on this matter the other day but this has been good news in an otherwise dismal week.
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    Traditional Bow Hunting

    Jeff Im 6'1'' so yeah I got a pretty long draw. As well as an update I can hit a pie tin at 80 yards with about 60% accuracy.
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    Lion on the endangered list?

    A guestimated number would work.
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    Lion on the endangered list?

    Just need a number for a speech assignment.
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    Lion on the endangered list?

    A little off topic but does anyone have any information on how many humans are attacked by hyenas per year or over the past 10 years?
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    Lion on the endangered list?

    North County. I used to be stationed on Pendleton.
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    Lion on the endangered list?

    I'm from California and when I say I want to hunt in Africa a lot of people look at me like I'm a serial killer. I've been waging my personal education campaign in speech class to educate the uneducated members and maybe the knowledge will spread.