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    CZ 550 front sight bead..

    Sights are the number one issue. Cracked or broken stocks which suffer from abuse are number two. Ejector blade problems are number three and are the most critical and dangerous. As you are probably aware they are movable and spring loaded. Dirt or gunk is sometimes the problem and sometimes it...
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    CZ 550 front sight bead..

    Here in Zim. I do quite a bit of work on CZs. Since almost everyone removes the hood on their CZs the front sight blade takes a lot of abuse and the biggest problems seems to be that the tiny silver bead in the blade falls out. Picture a black rear sight a now all black front sight and a black...
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    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    The hat that I always reach for (if it is not on my head) is a faded green baseball hat that has two very small led lights under the brim. It has almost replaced my small torch, but not completely. It is powered by 4 small 2023 batteries and seems to last a very long time as long as I remember...
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    Outfitters and PH's Please respond. All others: who does this...?

    We have never had a problem with American hunters & alcohol. Eastern Europeans are a whole different story. I would be happy if they just had a beer at lunch or one beer after a major animal was loaded. Enough said!
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    The UAE closed all of it's Airports Oct. 28th

    I just googled UAE airport closures, I see nothing happening at this time. Closures from back in March? I also went to Emirates web site, nothing there?
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    The UAE closed all of it's Airports Oct. 28th

    I am not sure where you got your information? I just checked see nothing?
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    For Sale Brno 602 375 On Gunbroker

    One major difference is the safety. On the 602 the safety is disengaged by sliding it back. On the 550 the safety is disengaged by pushing it forward, which is more common on two position safeties. Of course this can be changed (at extra cost). I believe other than that they are pretty much the...
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    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I'm sure you understand my 50/50%, so many variables with leopard, we require 14 days for leopard. Depending on the concession a good solid boss buff should be taken on a ten day hunt. As to sighting a rifle, lets say your .375H&H is sighted for 100yds for plains game. Now we have a good hit on...
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    Dangerous Game for a first Safari?

    I would recommend the 1st hunt being buffalo with leopard on a subsequent safari. Success on leopard can pretty well defined as 50/50 chance, you either will or you won't! Buffalo depending on where you hunt usually has a very high success rate. Most PHs would like to see you take one plains...
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    Hi, It is possible that both my wife and I may be traveling from Zim to Texas in May or June of...

    Hi, It is possible that both my wife and I may be traveling from Zim to Texas in May or June of 2021. I have a question for you would my wife be required to have a "Hunter Safety Certificate" if a Texas hunting license is required. Bothe her and myself or Zimbabwe PHs, but she has never hunted...
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    Comment by 'Tokoloshe Safaris' in media 'M.K. Owens 4 Bore Rifle'

    Ken Owens is truly a master gunsmith and one hell of a fine man. Not to mention a true American Patriot!
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    For Sale CZ 550 Magnum EGW Picatinney Rail

    Just curious did you have any ejection problems using this rail?
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    Pre-64 Winchester 70 9.3x64 Brenneke - The mystery continues

    A few years ago I closely inspected a 100% original pre 64 M-70 .300 win mag with factory bull barrel THE ACTION HAD NEVER RECEIVED SERIAL numbers. I tried rule and the Winchester historian I got nowhere. The M-70 is still out there but now it has serial numbers for obvious reasons.
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    WANTED: Pricing A Wild Managed Lion Hunt For 2022

    I would highly recommend the Matetsi units success would be very high and good quality. Martin Peters runs a excellent company and has a real quality area. One question what do you mean by a "Wild Managed Lion Hunt"? It is the word "managed" that leaves me curious.