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    1. tgkkj4
      Yeah, I 've been watching it for a while to. Aim on Africa who is a booking agent, has just given me an update for the Caprivi strip and for me, it is not affordable. They also suggest for affordability, quality of hunt and quality of trophy that we look to Zimbabwe. I don't know if you have checked out Red Ivory Safari's in SA, but from what I have found so far, they seem reputable. He can put a hunt together in the area around Kruger, or make arrangements to hunt in Zimbabwe.
    2. Uintaelkhunter
      Keep me posted on what and where you decide to hunt elephant as I am to on a budget and looking to hunt one I to have checked out zim for elephant and that is probably the best chose in my opinion for price if your looking for a trophy of 45+ lbs Namibia would be second for price but if your looking non trophy exportable Ivory you can't beat South Africa if you can find someone with a cities tag for elephant roaming out of Kruger park as the package from pick up to drop off at Joberg
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