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    1. HighVelocity
      I have obtained final judgment against Empire Rifle, LLC in the total amount of $19,285.50. The lawsuit was filed in the Sullivan County Superior Court and was captioned Vance Diggins v. The Empire Rife Company, LLC, Docket No. 220-2011-CV-00012.
    2. ej7447
      Good luck with getting your money from George. I used an attorney and George has stopped returning phone calls--it may be disconnected now--and was not answering emails. It would be interesting to know how many people are out large deposits and how many gunsmiths are owed money. George did not build the rifles I later found out but sub-contracted the work out. I have had a $5,000 plus deposit there for three plus years, was told at one time the rifle was almost complete and nothing now.
    3. George Sandmann
      George Sandmann
      Not sure with whom I am speaking. We have been trying desperately to move the company forward. Sales fell off a cliff, and under current conditions I cannot in good conscience accept new orders. Capital from equity and credit tight. Please e-mail so we can try to sort out a solution. Thank you, --George Sandmann, President, Empire Rifles
    4. safarihunter
      Has anyone had difficulty obtaining rifles ordered from Empire Rifles- did they go under and I'm simply the last to find out?!!( Out of a lot of money that is!!!)
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    State/Province of residence:
    Country of residence:
    About You:
    life long hunter who loves Africa
    I am a:
    • Hunter
    Member of:
    NAHC, SCI DSC NRA(lie member) RMEF
    Have you hunted in Africa?:
    Number of times I have hunted in Africa:
    My favorite African country:
    Zim and Namibia
    zim, namibia
    Species I have hunted in Africa:
    lion, elephant, plains
    My best African Trophy:
    male lion SCI # 18
    My favorite African trophies:
    All, particularly the leopard, lion, and jackal...yes..the black back jackal!!!
    My preferred weapon(s):
    Dakota 375 H&H in Africa
    300H&H/ 7mmRem Mag in US
    What weapon(s) do you hunt with?:
    • Rifle
    My preferred optic(s):
    S&B except for one mountain rifle : Zeiss
    Gear I cannot live without:
    bino/rangefinder ( Bushnell)
    My best hunting tip:
    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst
    My other interests:
    wilderness medicine and classical music
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