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  • I have obtained final judgment against Empire Rifle, LLC in the total amount of $19,285.50. The lawsuit was filed in the Sullivan County Superior Court and was captioned Vance Diggins v. The Empire Rife Company, LLC, Docket No. 220-2011-CV-00012.
    Good luck with getting your money from George. I used an attorney and George has stopped returning phone calls--it may be disconnected now--and was not answering emails. It would be interesting to know how many people are out large deposits and how many gunsmiths are owed money. George did not build the rifles I later found out but sub-contracted the work out. I have had a $5,000 plus deposit there for three plus years, was told at one time the rifle was almost complete and nothing now.
    Not sure with whom I am speaking. We have been trying desperately to move the company forward. Sales fell off a cliff, and under current conditions I cannot in good conscience accept new orders. Capital from equity and credit tight. Please e-mail empirerifles@gmail.com so we can try to sort out a solution. Thank you, --George Sandmann, President, Empire Rifles
    Has anyone had difficulty obtaining rifles ordered from Empire Rifles- did they go under and I'm simply the last to find out?!!( Out of a lot of money that is!!!)
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Andrew62 wrote on gillettehunter's profile.
Hello Bruce, I think you are still in Africa?? I just sent payment to Bulls Eye Taxidermy to have 3 of my animals mounted, it has been years since I have had anything mounted. I hope Ronnie and Jimmy had a good hunt down Kimberly way. Anyway, so nice to have met you Bruce, it was wonderful meeting you and spending time with you in camp. I hope your store closure and building sale go well. Cheers, Andrew Fike
BigFan375 wrote on Freetrade's profile.
I'm sorry, but I'm buying, not selling.............lee
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geoff rath wrote on Bob Nelson 35Whelen's profile.
G'day Bob,
Just had a yarn with A G, and he has filled me in on how much work he puts in to such developments, referencing QuikLoad, tightening tolerances, load development, range testing. He indicated that of you wish to contact him directly he can go into details far better than I.
If you wish , contact him directly, he has given the OK for me to pass that on.
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