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    Hunting Buffalo Brain Shot

    I see the buffs got a tag in his ear or am i wrong?
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    Leaving tomorrow! It's finally here.

    Enjoy you have really chosen a great outfit to hunt with.
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    Some interesting visitors

    Great pics Gerhard. Billy hold on to that Bowtech Tribute they are great bows.
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    SCI Convention in Reno

    SCI Bowhunting Grandpa you are going to love it there is just to much to see definately the best show that I have ever attended. enjoy regards
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    Best Broadhead???

    broadhead Engee I think the key thing that you mentioned is that your Bow must be perfectly tuned and shot placement is the next. I have been shooting mechanical broadheads for the past 2 years now and i think they are great, where before i only shot fixed blades. I really cannot fault either...
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    3 wishes

    lord Derby Eland Sitatunga bongo and I can think of many other species:):nice:
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    Best Broadhead???

    I have had great success with the following: Meat seeker (piston points) this is my number one broadhead rage 2 blade slick trick G5 striker F15 fixed blade