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    Bison Taxidermy Mount

    Not sure how I missed this but I sure like how that looks. Well done!
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    Going In For Surgery Tomorrow

    Sorry I'm late, I hope all went well! Best of luck Toby!!
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    on a lighter note...

    Never win the lottery, or even a raffle for that matter, but somehow today I was the "lucky" one out of millions and billions to get my check card hacked and charged $987.67 to Saudi airlines. :Shifty: Bank taking care of it but sometimes all you can do is shake your head and laugh it off...
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    Hi from sunny South Africa

    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome aboard AH Eric! You will enjoy the forums.
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    Templer Knight's Knife by Von Gruff

    Beautifully done
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    My Zambian Buffalo Mount (am I being too picky)

    IMO it looks much better than your original photos. Enjoy the memories of the hunt, and again, congratulations!!
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    Hello from Tanzania

    Hello and welcome aboard AH!! Will be anxiously awaiting those stories!!
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    Hello Everyone from Utah, United States

    Welcome aboard! Glad you made it, looking forward to those hunting reports!!
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    Would you?

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    on a lighter note...

    I heard about a burglar who got infected by AR-15 and is no longer able to burgl.
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    “Artsy” whitetail finished

    Well done!
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