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  1. Old warthog with Ben Bamberger

    Old warthog with Ben Bamberger

  2. Impala double

    Impala double

  3. cow kudu

    cow kudu

  4. Nyala


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    Harrisburg Sports Show boycott??

    Thank you!! to all the vendors and public who had the guts to do what is right.We are a formidable force when we work together to protect ANY loss of our liberties in the 2nd amendment.After reading their statement it's obvious that they still don't think that modern sporting arms have any place...
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    Done,love the show,dvr it every week
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    Planning first bow safari for 2013

    Brian,I went in July 2011,last summer with Tiene and Ananja of Warthog Safaris.I only brought my bow and shot 9 trophy animals.I passed on a lot too.The bow only area is set up with mostly pit blinds and they are set up great.All shots are going to be within 20 yds,if you wait for them to come...
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    Help needed with PSE mach 6!!

    I had one before the PSE bow madness I use now.It has a good valley to settle into and smooth to draw,but noisy.It isn't nearly the bow that you can get now new.If it's all you can afford it will be fine.
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    Howard Hill Worlds Greatest Archer?

    Jerome,Thanks for posting these.I never had seen these and I'm sure a lot of younger members haven't either.
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    Howard Hill Worlds Greatest Archer?

    I just saw this on a local hunting site I belong to. I'd give him my vote! Pulling 100+ lb. longbows, WOW! Check this out............................... The Legend's Story of Howard Hill HOWARD HILL ACHIEVEMENTS Howard Hill devoted a lifetime to the promotion of archery, and is still...
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    The first of many first time africa questions.

    Hi Kal,I went on my first S.A. safari this past June -Early July because of the moon and the outfitter had the opening.I booked 3 months in advance and it couldn't come soon enough.Even now I think of going back soon.I only brought a bow and Tiene at Warthog Safaris is set up for archery.the...
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    USA: BOWHUNT: Jordanne's First Deer

    Thanks for the replies,She is so excited still and we will be bow hunting soon. Already took the head to the taxidermist.She's getting a partial sneak pose,should have it back by end of February.Here's two better pictures with her camera.
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    USA: BOWHUNT: Jordanne's First Deer

    Yes she did great,very composed until the shot,then it all fell apart,like a....well you know what it's like.Thanks,Rick
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    USA: BOWHUNT: Jordanne's First Deer

    This season has been a lot of work for my daughter Jordanne and myself.She has hunted and fished with me since she was 4 yrs. old.Last year was her first as a licensed hunter and she tried some pushes with me but we saw and didn't get a deer.This year she took the bow course and bought a bow...
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    Gary Hopkins & Arjun Reddy

    beautiful pictures!You are good.