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    BRNO 602 Replacement Front Sight

    Thank you very much for the recommendation, Sir!!
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    BRNO 602 Replacement Front Sight

    thank you, Sir!
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    BRNO 602 Replacement Front Sight

    Does anyone know of a source for a white bead front sight for a BRNO 602 rifle in .375 H&H? The original sight appears to be easily removable and I would like to replace the somewhat dinged up one with a bead for quick sighting. Thanks in advance!
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    Gemsbok Kudu Double Pedestal Just Delivered To KY

    Very, very nice mount!!!!
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    My first novel published and takes place in Africa

    Heading out on a short trip, so bought the Kindle edition of your book. I don’t sleep well on the road unless the road ends at a hunting camp (which it doesn’t this time) so your book will be welcome company!
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    BRNO 602 Action Screw Torque?

    I have recently purchased a 1983 vintage BRNO 602 in .375 H&H. I disassembled it to inspect the barrel and that part of the action that is hidden for any signs of rust (none were there, thankfully). I now need some help here with the torque settings for the three screws - the two action screws...
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    Scope for my .375 H&H

    While not a .375 H&H, I used a Leupold VX-R 3-9X50mm Firedot Duplex reticle on a CZ550 in 9.3X62 during a 2015 plains game hunt in South Africa. It served me well for Duiker at 40 meters up to Nyala at 150 meters. For older eyes, the red dot in the center of the duplex reticle was very...
  8. The Hunter as the Hunted

    The Hunter as the Hunted

    As we were hunting Zebra, when we returned to the Bakkie, we found that a big cat had been there in our absence. I found it appropriate that the African hunter is not necessarily the top of the food chain in Africa but is in fact prey with a rifle!
  9. Fathers Day Kudu

    Fathers Day Kudu

    It was a very long day... Saw him early in the morning and I completely missed my frontal shot; nothing but the sound of ricochet. what made it worse is that he stood there and snorted before turning away and disappearing. We hunted him all day and although we had glimpses of him and his...
  10. Limpopo Zebra

    Limpopo Zebra

    Beautiful markings!