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  • No experience with the 460 Wby. However with todays bullets it is more lethal than ever. Weatherby offers loads with the TSX. Even if the petals shear from the TSX it will not disintegrate.

    If you reload North Fork offers some great bullets as does Swift. North Fork has a new 550 grain bullet in .458 that would be great in the 460. If you live in SA the GS Custom bullet is a fine choice.
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I’ll never hunt Africa, but give me please a Jack O’Connor hunt up high in the Canadian Rockies!
Just came from a hunt and already longing for the bush
JPmbogo wrote on yhc's profile.
I have factory loaded Hornady 450 NE 3 1/4 DGS that I am selling for not much more than the brass itself at $75/box - see my listing for same.
Justbryan wrote on Rafter JK's profile.
Get Crazy Larry yet? Wishing I had shot Alpine Ibex too!