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    A Hunter's Explanation

    A person outside of our sport may ask why do you hunt? Why can't you just go on a photo or car safari and enjoy Africa like the rest of us? The Hunter then begins his answer with a metaphor. Hunting is similar to going to a museum and seeing a painting. You have the normal everyday people...
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    Free Range Florida Deer Hunting Guides?

    Hey does anyone have any Florida deer guides in mind for this coming general gun season? I'd prefer affordable and free range, thanks!
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    Major Khan... A Hunting Report Just For You

    Nice Stag! Where did the hunt take place?
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    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    Morocco has wild boar hunting for the Barbary Wild Boar. Any info on who offers hunts in Senegal and Kenya?
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    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    Any idea what kind of game would be in Angola?
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    One rifle for North American big game?

    If you are looking for only one rifle that can take all of the game North America (Whitetail to Grizzly Bears) you should be looking at the 338 Winchester Magnum.
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    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    Hello, what in your opinion is the least known country in Africa that allows hunting? I'd love to find out about more opportunities in these lesser known destinations! My vote would go to Gabon for duiker hunting.
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    Safari Planning & Air Travel

    I've really enjoyed your videos Phil, keep it up!
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Thank you for all your responses, what do you think of .22 Hornet?
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Hello what caliber would be best for the Tiny 10 and not be overkill? If it is a nostalgic African caliber big plus! I'm thinking .243, what is your opinion?
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    A Pair Of Canvasbacks Full Mount Taxidermy

    It looks like he is checking her out lol :D
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    Zoom Safari - Anything Africa

    I watched them too, great information!
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    Duck Hunting in Europe?

    Do any of the European members of the forum know of hunting opportunities for indigenous duck species in Europe such as Smew, Garganey, Red-crested Pochard, and Eurasian teal as well as others? From what I've seen in my bit of research is that hunting for many of those species occurs in Azerbaijan.
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    Seal Hunting Information?

    In the link above about the MMPA it said exceptions would be made regarding "Scientific research, public display, enhancing the survival or recovery of a species, and incidental take in commercial fisheries". Does that mean if you donate the seal to a museum it could be imported?
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    Seal Hunting Information?

    I've tried seal meat at a restaurant in Quebec, its interesting. Black in color, texture of fat, with a meaty taste. Completely different from any meat I've seen!