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    Hi from South Africa

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    The Excellent 308 Norma Magnum

    The excellent 308 Norma Magnum A review by Jerry B Bauduin There are many excellent cartridges on the market today. Many of them are new and innovative, some exceptional and some are hype. It seems like there’s a new cartridge, new bullet, new scope, and countless other innovations being...
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    New member from Maine

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    Regards from Idaho

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    Hello from central North Carolina

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    Hello and help for a coming trip!

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    Hello all

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    Hello from belgium and question on a Browning 375 HH magnum

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    9,3 mm – A Love Affair

    9,3 mm – A love affair My love affair with the 9,3 mm started years ago. I was looking for a double rifle, that had to be good for both driven hunt and stalking, and my choice was the old venerable 9,3x74R. I immediately started handloading this fine caliber with N202 powder, obtaining...
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    Greetings from North Carolina also

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    Greetings from Virginia

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