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    Turkey World Slam - where would you go?

    I finished my World Slam in 2008. I would highly recommend Danny Santangelo in Florida for Osceola, and Sierra Madre Hunting in Mexico for Gould’s. Shot my Ocellated in Guatemala, sadly hunting is no longer allowed. PM me if you have any questions.
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    POLAND: Hunting Fallow Deer In Poland During The Rut

    Congrats to your son on a beautiful Fallow Deer! Poland is an incredible big game hunting destination.
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    Members from Idaho on this forum?

    Gert, I am located in Boise, Idaho. PM me. Nathan
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    POLAND: Fallow Deer & Mouflon Sheep Hunt With Hunt Adventure Poland

    My wife and I hunted with Michal Spalt of Hunt Adventure Poland in September 2014. We had a wonderful time and a successful hunt for Red Stag and Roe Deer. Poland is such a wonderful hunting and touring destination that I decided to return in late October 2016 to pursue Fallow Deer and Mouflon...
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    Who is going where this year? Lets hear about all the fun trips planned so far

    Thanks Jeff. I am aware of that. My wife and I will put in the draw for sheep and purchase super tag applications for moose. The only way to have a shot at getting tags for both in a single year.
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    Who is going where this year? Lets hear about all the fun trips planned so far

    Applying for California Bighorn Sheep and Moose in my home state of Idaho. Fingers crossed.... Columbia Blacktail Deer in western Oregon. November 2017 Beceite Ibex hunt with Fran Corju of Coju Hunting Spain in February 2018.
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    SPAIN: Beceite Ibex Hunt In Spain

    Congratulations Darren on a fine animal and an exciting adventure! I appreciate the write up and photos. My wife and I just sent Fran a deposit for a representative class Beceite hunt in February 2018. Already counting down the days....
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    Do you know this trophy deer species?

    Red Brocket Deer. Beautiful little deer and a challenging hunt..
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    POLAND: Buck Roe Deer Hunt From Trzebiatów Poland

    Congratulations on a successful hunt. Beautiful trophy! My wife and I hunted near Piotrkow Trybunalski last September. An amazing country with the kindest people and incredible hunting. Can't wait to return for Fallow Deer and Wild Boar...
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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Arc Africa Hunting Safaris for 2015

    Congratulations to all the finalists on wonderful photos! My vote is for photo #8.
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    POLAND: Red Stag & Roe Deer With Hunt Adventure 2014

    We traveled with our own rifle. It is not legal to rent or borrow a firearm in Poland... Very easy process as long as you do your homework on paperwork/ permits required for transiting through countries with a firearm as checked luggage.
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    POLAND: Red Stag & Roe Deer With Hunt Adventure 2014

    The Roe Deer were transitioning to their winter coats. Euro mount on the Roe for sure..
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    POLAND: Red Stag & Roe Deer With Hunt Adventure 2014

    In late September 2014 my wife and I traveled to central Poland to hunt for Red Stag and Roe Deer. Our outfitter was Michael Spalt of Hunt Adventure Company. I selected to hunt with Michael for many reasons. His email communication was absolutely fantastic; very...
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    Credit card foreign transaction fees

    I have a Capital One Venture card that has 0% transaction fees for international purchases. Here is the link to compare all the card options they offer: Airline Credit Cards & Frequent Flyer Miles -
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    The Birth Of Wild Africa Decals

    I just received a Sable decal from Scott and all I can say is WOW! Great quality and detailing and very easy to apply. An awesome way to showcase my passion for hunting in Africa. Thanks Scott for creating an awesome product! I will be ordering a Buff decal soon...