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  • I read your post on the Model 70, and am interested in how you liked 350 grain bullets in your .375 H & H. I've been working up loads for mine in 350 grain TSX. My rifle shoots very well with 300 grain bullets, but I am going on a cape buffalo hunt in June, and am torn between which bullet to use. Both are accurate.

    Daga Boy
    The general rule on buffalo is to use the heaviest bullet that gives acceptable V and accuracy in your rifle. Bear in mind that you generally don't need (and actually don't want) very high velocities for this application. Anything above 2300fps will do fine.
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Life Member Dallas Safari Club
Nevada Mike wrote on qmrp2567's profile.
375 H&H brass...

I'd like to have them. $125 for the 100 cases, don't want the smashed ones.

I am in Sonoita, AZ

We cannot wait to share in some amazing adventures with everyone in 2023 again! Please don't hesitate to message us for a quote, customized safari or even just a chat! #HuntBaylySippel
BLJC30 wrote on Tgood1's profile.
I seen a post saying that you do taxidermy in WV. Where are you located in WV and do you have a price list?
I'm going on my first safari in June.
SteveSac wrote on mdwest's profile.
Hey There,

Im looking to book my first African Safari for 2024 for my 40th birthday. I've never hunted Africa before, but was going to head to SA with my wife for a week then see her off and then stay and hunt.

Saw your safari come up as a recommendation and wondering if you had any time to chat.