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    NAMIBIA: Outstanding Hunt With Ozondjahe Safaris

    Outfitter : Ozondjahe Safaris Caliber : 300 Win Mag Target animals : Blue gnu, Black gnu, Giraffe, Red Hartebeest, Kudu, Impala Dates : June 5-11 Day 1) We arrived on the morning of the 5th at Windhoek Airport and were driven 2 hrs to Ozondjahe Safaris. After checking in to our rooms we went...
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    Africa bound

    I would like to thank AH and it's members. The planning stage of this hunt has went so smooth thanks to AH and the great information and comments from it"s members.
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    Africa bound

    The time has arrived. I leave for Africa in the morning. I've been through my checklist four times now. I think I'm ready.
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    Any Alaska members?

    Good luck on your hunt Josh. Velo dog has given you some great advise.
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    Will we be silent??

    You just got my vote.
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    What's the best and worst African tasting game meat?

    I love heart. Probably the best part of any critter. I just prefer to steer clear of the plumbing parts.
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    What's the best and worst African tasting game meat?

    Sounds more like a dare than a meal.
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    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    After all the helpful comments I have decided to focus on a few of my top choices and take any others as the opportunity permits.
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    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    I,m going to focus on the top of my list, but will take others as targets of opportunity. I,ll need to contact my outfitter and travel agent to see about extra time. Thanks again to all for your information and opinions.
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    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    Thank you all for the great advise. After hearing your comments I have to agree that I should focus on the first few animals on my list. I want to actually hunt and not drive around to much. It's my first time to Africa and I want it to be perfect. You only get your first time once.
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    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    The animals most important are the Giraffe and the Blue and Back wildebeests. Would it be better to focus on these animals and hunt the others as targets of opportunity?
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    Animal list for upcoming hunt

    I have just paid my final installment for my June hunt in Namibia. I have made a rough animal list but am wondering if my list is to ambitious. My hunt is only five days and I have allotted funds for fourteen animals. There will be two of us hunting as my son will be hunting with me. I'm not...
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    USA: Daughters Buck Hunt

    Nice buck. Tell your daughter congratulations, and a big thanks to you for passing on the hunting tradition to the next generation.
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    NAMIBIA: Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris

    Congrats on your adventure. Nice animals. I'm hunting with Ozondjahe in June. I sure hope it goes as well as your trip.