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    New to me 416 Taylor Improved

    That gun will definitely do well with a buff... I keep mine loaded with 400gr TSX and am able to get 2350 with them with no problem at all.. Like yours, my Taylor is also built on a 1908 Brazilian mauser action.. I absolutely love the rifle.. and even prefer it over my 375 H&H Win70.. My...
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    Whats amazing about that is per TX law to be able to vote by mail you must be 65 or older, be disabled, be confined to jail but otherwise allowed to vote, or be out of your county of residence on election day.... But 400K people in Harris County already know that one of those things apply to...
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    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    I wore various oakleys for years (got used to them in the military.. and just kept the habit)... but started buying Smith a few years ago and found I like them better... ANSI rated protection that exceeds the MIL standard for shatter/breakage/etc.. outstanding UVA and UVB protection... and...
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    How to have your day go to crap

    It would be a sin to pitch the old stock in the trash.. it deserves a funeral pyre.. preferably during a braai.. just sayin'.... :)
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    LR shooting

    I recognize that barrel! :) Sweet little precision rig.. Im betting you can reach out past 1000 with it fairly easily..
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    Proper attire for DSC meet

    Im still trying to figure out how he attaches his big texas rodeo type belt buckle to that thing.... :)
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    Proper attire for DSC meet

    He said the loincloth doesnt provide enough warmth for the new February show dates.. He's going to wear his new Borat thong instead.. :ROFLMAO:
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    Would you like a Cigar?

    Promotions are always deserving of good cigars.. Congrats!
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    Customs broker in Washington DC

    +1 Tom @TROPHY SHIPPERS is my first choice
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    AR-type Rifles

    RE DI vs Piston... Piston offers some advantages if youre intending on running a short gun (8"?) or a suppressor.. There was a time you couldnt get a shorty upper to run reliably.. Most of that has been figured out over the past few years though and most DI guns intentionally built a 7, 8...
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    AR-type Rifles

    Dont. Nothing wrong with the Mini 14.. but its an inferior system.. less reliable, less versatile, less customizable... for not much cost savings at all.. over a high end AR... and its significantly more expensive than a "budget" AR..
  12. James Leddy Safari Boots

    James Leddy Safari Boots

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    AR-type Rifles

    Completely agree with this.. I know youre looking at off the rack AR's.. but if youre talking SHTF scenarios.. this may sound crazy.. but I'd recommend building yourself... Its not hard to do at all (it does not take a pro.. and only takes a couple of tools.. I could teach a chimp to build an...
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    AR-type Rifles

    Gotta define your plan in a SHTF... We talking urban environment with the intent to stay urban? Urban with intent to bug out? Rural with the intent to dig in? Rural with intent to remain mobile? For me, for defensive purposes I like a good carbine length in a common caliber.. it does...
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    AR-type Rifles

    I think "best" is a relative term.. When you step into the realm of the higer end manufacturers, its sorta like asking which super car is "best"... is it a Ferrari, Lambo, Bugatti, etc? Which is "best" really depends on the preferences of the owner.. You cant go wrong with Daniel Defense...