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    Best barrels?

    Everyone has their preferences.. but once you step into the world of truly premium barrels Im not sure youre going to see much difference in terms of performance when it comes to hunting rifles and hunting scenarios.. Personally, I prefer Shilen.. I started shooting Shilen in the mid 90's and...
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    NAMIBIA: Heading To Namibia 6 Aug 2021 With Ekuja Hunting Safaris

    I think I like that pic even better than the one with Mr. Spots! Awesome gemsbok! (and beautiful rifle!)
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    L61r finnbear how did I do?

    You did well enough that I’ll offer you $800 plus shipping for it right now if you’re having any second thoughts or buyers remorse… [emoji846][emoji846][emoji846]
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    Most surprising/had to have animal on your first Safari

    A few people have mentioned impala.. I sincerely really enjoy a good impala hunt, and have gone after them on every hunt I have conducted in southern africa... I also really enjoy warthogs and will try to get a shot off on any decent old boar I can manage to get to stop moving for at least 2...
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    How y’all doing?

    Welcome! You are sooooo screwed! Addictions are expensive! Lol
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    .375 H&H brass... holy crap!

    Quality brass is ok IMO.. but it’s only ok… definitely not the best money can buy… At those sort of prices you’re better off buying 3 boxes of the cheapest factory ammo you can find and reloading them once you burn through the ammo at the range
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    riflepermits - Quick & Easy Arrival With Your Firearm In South Africa

    +1 Used for the third time on this last trip... They made the process of bringing firearms into country as easy and painless as it could possibly be.. Their service is worth every penny you pay for it, plus quite a bit more..
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    Anyone use the .270 Winchester?

    I think its a nearly perfect deer caliber (both whitetail and mule) for North America.. Soft on the shoulder, inherently accurate, reasonably flat shooting and easily useable at ranges of 300-400 yards when necessary... and more than enough energy delivery at ranges of 0-400 yards to drop any...
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    I’ll take those .375 bullets @Ray B if they’re still available. Give me until this evening and I’ll dig through the safe and the bench and see what I’ve got to put up for PIF-F
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    Blue Duiker - A Small Obsession

    Ive started building an interest in the little guys lately.. still havent taken any as of yet, but I did pursue steinbok on the last trip over (unsuccessful), and we saw a couple of duikers bounding through the bush one afternoon when we were looking for bushbuck.. perhaps starting the tiny 10...
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    .308 Win vs .260 Rem/6.5 Creedmoor

    I get the argument that some people make about the 6.5 creedmore and the .280 Rem being "flatter" shooting cartridges, and thereby better for shooting at greater distances.. But.. here's the truth.. The US Army prior to the War on Terror was pretty much using .308 exclusively in bolt action...