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    Ruger No.1

    I would love to find one in 375 h&h
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    30-30 in Africa

    I've always loved lever actions and the ancient (by today's standards) 30-30 cartridge. And so of course I had to wonder, "how well does this cartridge work in Africa?" I know it isnt a long range cartridge but I figure it could put a hole in something under 200 yds. Does anybody have experience...
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    .300WM vs .300WSM

    Here is another little poll. Cast your votes. Give us a reason why you chose the caliber.
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    .270 vs .270 WSM

    I actually saw an article called “top 10 most overrated cartridges” on and .270sm was on that list. The writer said basically the same as what most of the other guys on this thread have said.
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    .270 vs .270 WSM

    Which do you prefer and why? Also list any hunting experience you may have with either cartridge
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    Living in Texas?

    Well he wasn’t asking about airports or medical centers was he?
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    Living in Texas?

    Alright where do you think it is then?
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    If you could only have 3 guns....

    Goodness, where Im from you can have a thousand Ar-15s and Ak-47s if you want. I know a guy that has over 30 Ar-15s! If I had enough money I could go and buy every single firearm at the gun store if I wanted to.
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    Living in Texas?

    As my name suggests I am somewhere in Texas... I would definitely suggest it. The hunting is Fantastic, there are places all over Texas where you can hunt exotics (on game ranches of course) but there are wild populations of Blackbuck, Axis deer, Nilgai antelope, Audad goats, Japanese snow...
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    .270 vs 30-06... shoot flatter or hit harder?

    alrighty then... Again as I have already stated, I know and like what I shoot. This isnt a "I dont know which to buy" situation (dont assume any of my similar topics are as such). And I wouldnt go as far as to say that this is merely a topic to entertain the "newest of shooters". If you find...
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    Debate time: .308 vs .270

    I already have a debate going on .270 vs 30-06
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    Literature for South Africa

    Does anybody have any suggested literature on South African game? Their habits and tactics for hunting them?
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    .270 vs 30-06... shoot flatter or hit harder?

    Thanks for the advice. However, for the record I already shoot and love my .308win and my 300 win mag. My goal for these topics are more of a caliber think-tank. I like to take two calibers that have overlapping abilities/uses, and see which of the two y'all prefer. Sure I could just google it...
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    .270 vs 30-06... shoot flatter or hit harder?

    Which do you prefer? Cast your vote and comment below why you made your choice.
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    Debate time: .308 vs 30-06 for African game

    You're right I should have made this a poll