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  • Thank you for your time and advice! If you ever come to the dark continent - let me know in order to get a hunt together for you. Regards, Boela.
    thank you very much!!! my 375 a safari grade, so to chop the barrel off wont be a problem.
    Good day Lomadelray

    I read that you had your rifle's barrel chopped off at 18"... I have a Mod 70 375H&H with a 22" barrel and am contemplating on having it shortened to 20" or even 18". With your experience of hunting with a shortened rifle, would you recommend that I do it or rather shop for a factory built rifle with a short barrel?
    I thank you for sharing your experience with me.

    I think any gunsmith would shorten and recrown for a couple hundred bucks. So I YES! I say shorten it.
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    I have considered chopping a 375 to 20", not sure if I would go 18" though; muzzle blast might be getting a little extreme at that point. But I just prefer a shorter barrel when hunting thick bush.
    One caveat, if that is a mint pre-64 model 70, I would keep it as is, otherwise I would shorten it. Hope this helps!
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Akunasek wrote on Jager Waffen74's profile.
do you still have the Ithaca 10 ga semi auto?
kdenn wrote on TROPHY SHIPPERS's profile.
Afternoon, going to South Africa August 22 hunting with wife. will need your help with trophies. what information and how soon do you need it? went to the website and completed the form but seems i have negative energy or something with electronic communication often.
thanks for your help
ken dennison
Docpk wrote on Jager Waffen74's profile.
I would but the Swarovski scope
CADJR55 wrote on roverandbrew's profile.
Is that Level 7 Type 2 Primaloft PCU parka still for sale?
geoff rath wrote on Aussie_Hunter's profile.
Apologies, been somewhat preoccupied with (poor) health issues; were you interested in the Norma factory 550 grain Solid 450 Rigby ammo I mentioned?
Geoff Rath