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  • Thank you for your time and advice! If you ever come to the dark continent - let me know in order to get a hunt together for you. Regards, Boela.
    thank you very much!!! my 375 a safari grade, so to chop the barrel off wont be a problem.
    Good day Lomadelray

    I read that you had your rifle's barrel chopped off at 18"... I have a Mod 70 375H&H with a 22" barrel and am contemplating on having it shortened to 20" or even 18". With your experience of hunting with a shortened rifle, would you recommend that I do it or rather shop for a factory built rifle with a short barrel?
    I thank you for sharing your experience with me.

    I think any gunsmith would shorten and recrown for a couple hundred bucks. So I YES! I say shorten it.
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    I have considered chopping a 375 to 20", not sure if I would go 18" though; muzzle blast might be getting a little extreme at that point. But I just prefer a shorter barrel when hunting thick bush.
    One caveat, if that is a mint pre-64 model 70, I would keep it as is, otherwise I would shorten it. Hope this helps!
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Eastern Cape Hunting Report Coming soon...
Jaynecobb wrote on cal pappas's profile.
I hate to bother you....I own 2 of your books including British bore rifle. I was hoping you might have more 10 bore loads. For the heavier and later rifles. Any help would be appreciated.
Gert Odendaal wrote on Av8or's profile.
Good day , Do you still have .375 H&H Magnum brass available to sell?
tarbe wrote on PatrickMa Ward's profile.
Aha....I see you have a new Avatar!!

Nice bull!
flatwater bill wrote on KHOMAS HIGHLAND HUNTING SAFARIS's profile.
I hope your hunting season has started off well. I am coming to Namibia for the 7th time in late April of 2022. I am bringing two friends who have never hunted outside of the USA. I have several questions, but before I write them all, I will wait to see if you receive this. Please give a shout................................best regards.........................Bill...............Idaho, USA