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    For Sale Sako Brown Bear .375 H&H

    Where are you located?
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    Am I "beating a dead horse?"

    I had the same problem. I called CZ, they paid for shipping and they smoothed it up at home-base, which kept my warrantee. It only took about 3 weeks so you may just want to call and complain... it worked out great for me- no $$ outlaid and a VERY smooth action. Hope this helps.
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    Hey matt, that 6.5x55 still available?

    Hey matt, that 6.5x55 still available?
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    Cancellation Buffalo Hunt 2016

    do you have a trophy price list for your plains game?
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    Scrimshaw & Art

    can you give us the link to your ebay page?
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    Hello from San Diego, CA

    I have it on good authority that JDM is "in rut" for some good safari stories.