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    Delta just cancelled June 1 ATL to JNB flight

    Spend some time playing with cost from smaller airports that fly to a domestic international airport first. For instance a Basic Delta flight to Jburg from ATL in August is ~$2300, but if you go from Charlotte to Joburg, the flight cost is $1094. That is the same overseas flight as the...
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    Do You Bargain With Your Outfitter?

    I think it all depends on what you are willing to give to the outfitter in terms of shooting. On my last trip, the prices on animals started to go down a little without really asking. If you shoot a good number of animals, and the outfitter is pleased with you, I think comments from them like...
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    Has anyone flown Mango Airlines in South Africa in recent weeks as of early March 2021?

    We have an August flight and will use Airlink. We're still waiting on US carriers to make up their minds before making the call though. Im hoping Delta will decide to fly.
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    For Sale Unfired Kimber Caprivi In .458 Lott

    That was fast. Good going.
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    Powder In Stock At Graf & Sons

    I got some Wednesday. It was flying off the shelves. As fast as I could click on one, it was gone. I do like what Grafs is doing by not letting people back order. Hopefully that will slow down the hoarders. Now I just need to find some primers.
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    Overpriced Reloading Components? Check this out. Canada must be the land of gold
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    Advice For Ontario Spring Bear Hunt

    I would go with the self guided lodges. The pre bait would be worth it to me for what I was paying. You've got to figure you'll have the cost of baiting and the extra days to do it that closes the distance even more. I killed a toad with a semi guided camp in Savant Lake 6-7 years ago...
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    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    What about the new United route through Newark? Is that an option? I don't know about flying with guns through Newark. some of the stories are that it is fine, and others are that its a disaster. I have had an August trip planned for 2 years, but haven't bought the flights yet.
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    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    I was going to text you this Dale
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    United Airlines Non-Stop Flights

    I have been looking at this route as well. What are the thoughts about flying into Newark when returning? I know New Jersey has some crazy gun laws if you were to have to leave the airport, but getting the guns out of international baggage and rechecking domestic, have issues??
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    Buying Flights During COVID

    So as you all know, this year is looking bleak on the hunting front in Africa. I was planning to take the family to the Northern Cape in August, and was days from pulling the trigger on the flights back in early February, but drug my feet and didn't do it. My question is based around the...
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    So with flight prices being down. If you had an August trip planned, would you purchase the tickets at say $750 and then play the cancel if you had too game with Delta? Says you have a year: