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  1. leslie hetrick liked Bullthrower338's post in the thread Ruger No.1.

    He does and it is a sweetheart. I got looking for one in a 30-40 and wouldn’t you know @tarbe found one for me. [ATTACH] [ATTACH]...

    943DAEF0-DFCC-4DBD-9B48-5A339B540C08.jpeg image.jpg image (1).jpg Oct 13, 2019 at 6:53 AM
  2. leslie hetrick attached a file to the thread Ruger No.1.

    I have only three ruger # 1,s now, a .223 light varmite, a 35 whelen and a .460 S&W. i like the 35 whelen most of all. [ATTACH]...

    DSCN0109 (2).JPG DSCN0112 (2).JPG DSCN0111 (2).JPG Oct 11, 2019 at 6:49 PM
  3. leslie hetrick replied to the thread Swedish Mauser 6.5x55 Carl Gustafson action, is it good? What caliber build?.

    there is a mount the fits in the rear sight base and uses a extended eye relief scope that needs no D&T. like a scout rifle.

    Oct 10, 2019
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