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    Texas Can’t Quit The Aoudad

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Texas free range Aoudad hunt!!! Finally!!!!

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
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    Hunting, 4th Time Around

    What an experience! Thank you for taking the time to share.
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    Finally, Arrival from the East Cape

    Thanks Ryan. Nyala, bushpig and other various PG would be on the trip as well as a trip to Addo. Appreciate the report.
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    Finally, Arrival from the East Cape

    Thanks for sharing! Did you get either of your kudu from KMG and any chance you'll be writing a hunting report on your experience? A trip to the east cape is definitely on my five year plan.
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    Any recommendations for hunting outfitters in Namibia?

    Hi Deputy Dog, I had a great experience with Kalahari Safari for plains game. Janneman and his family will take care of you. Feel free to message me with any questions. I have no doubt you'll find a Namibian outfitter will all the resources on here. The website for kalahari safari is...
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    One year from now, what will things look like

    Welp, I got 9. Quarantine it is...
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    My Leopard taxidermy home!

    Wow, congratulations!
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    Sharing my daughter's success

    Well done! Best of luck on your upcoming trip.