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    Goat Hunt In The British Columbian Rockies

    Goat Hunt in the British Columbian Rockies Photos and copy by Simon K. Barr Mountain goats were one of the first mountain-dwelling ungulates to capture my imagination and encourage me to hunt outside of Europe and when I finally got around to planning a goat hunt, my friends at Hornady...
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    The World of Leica in Photos

    Davey Hughes, founder of New Zealand based Swazi, is a true character. He enjoys the mountains, rivers and lakes of his home country and is committed to our global responsibility for nature. Robust design with highest optical imaging performance. That what makes our Leica Magnus i...
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    The World of Leica in Photos

    Clearest images, unique ergonomic design and fast, reliable measurements – this combination makes the Leica Geovid rangefinder binoculars true pioneers in their class. With the Leica Calonox "View" thermal imaging camera and it's high-end vanadium oxide sensor with 640x512 pixels no details...
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    Hunting On Mauritius: On A Java Deer

    Hunting on Mauritius: On a Java deer A blazing sunset on the Indian Ocean as a conclusion to a stalking trip. Happiness on earth exists – destination Mauritius. Notes from a dream island by Philippe Jaeger. Mauritius is one of those destinations where the globe-trotting hunter can hear...
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    The World of Leica in Photos

    Leica Sport Optics presents not one but three new products: the Leica Geovid 3200 COM, the Leica PRS 5-30x56i and the Leica Rangemaster CRF 3500 COM. The company from Wetzlar, Germany, remains true to its principles of continuous development, optimization and innovation. Because, for demanding...
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    Hunting In Ethiopia – With Leica To The Stalk In “The Cradle Of Mankind”

    Hunting in Ethiopia – With Leica to the stalk in “the cradle of mankind” Ethiopia is located in the northeast of Africa and is the ost populous landlocked country in the world with over 80 ethnic groups. It is about three times the size of Germany, is considered to be one of the countries of...