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    Cape Buffalo where to go?

    Thank you very much
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    Cape Buffalo where to go?

    Yes but the price are to high for what I get in my opinion. I have heard Caprivi it’s fantastic area but pricy. You could get 2 buffalos in TZ for the same as one in Caprivi. Or a buff and a hippo in Zambia or a buff and a sable in Moz. It’s just what I found about Caprivi that one buffalo...
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    Cape Buffalo where to go?

    Thank you very much!
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    Cape Buffalo where to go?

    Hello you all Africa-professionals! I am planning a trip with focus on Cape buffalo in September. I have been hunting buffalos in Selous TZ before and was very pleased with the amount of buffs. Now I am thinking about Niassa in Mozambique or Luangwa in Zambia. Could somebody tell me how the...
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    If you could only have 3 guns....

    In Sweden were I live this is almost true. We are only allowed to have 6 hunting rifles/shotguns for hunting. For sport shooting (if we are practicing it as a sport in a club and could show competition results) you could have more guns. But as a hunter only 6. Therefore rifles with changeable...
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    What ammunition for Cape Buffalo?

    I am coming from Sweden and I am going for a Cape buffalo hunt in September. This is my first trip for buffalo (Selous/Tanzania) and I have only been hunting plains game two times in Namibia. I know there are many threads about this issue but most of them was a couple of years old. I wonder what...