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Kowas Hunting Safaris

from Central Namibia

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Ethical hunting: our pride and passion May 21, 2017

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Sep 24, 2018
    1. Kowas Hunting Safaris
      Kowas Hunting Safaris
      Ethical hunting: our pride and passion
    2. Kowas Hunting Safaris
      Kowas Hunting Safaris
      Dear Sir
      Thank you for obtaining our opinion in this regard.
      The average tipping in TOTAL for all our employees from clients, must not exceed 5% of the accommodation cost and the trophy cost of their safari.
      We then divide (not equally, because the PH's receive more) this 5% to ALL THE EMPLOYEES.
      We then issue VOUCHERS (for record purpose so that no one accuse anyone not receiving the tips).
      These VOUCHERS are being handed to the client. The client in person gives each employee their own vouchers.
      By handling it that way, the advantages are:
      a) the client hand the tip direclty to the employee;
      b) the employee receives the tip directly from the client;
      c) the vouchers are being documented and signed for - track record excists and no one is to blamed for anything.
      This system is effective for us for many years. We recommend it strongly.
      Kindest regards from Namibia, Africa.
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    3. Second Wind
      Second Wind
      I saw you note on "tipping" and after reading dozens of articles and discussing this endlessly with other hunters I would be very interested to hear, specifically your views or rather what is an acceptable gratuity practice at Kowas.

      1. Kowas Hunting Safaris
        Kowas Hunting Safaris
        If you want, you could e-mail me at kowasadv@iafrica.com.na
        We are a cash free / cash less environment and would be glad to share our opinion with you. Thank you for asking.
        Jul 3, 2017
    4. Second Wind
      Second Wind
      i sent my oldest "Liz" top your site and I think she is anout ready to start theowing money at you LOL

      Her thoughts were "Oh, I can live here for #120/ day like for how long does this work"

    5. Kowas Hunting Safaris
      Kowas Hunting Safaris
      We invite you to visit us at Africa Hunting Safaris | African Trophy Hunting | Hunt Namibia
      E-mail us to: kowasadv@iafrica.com.na
      Contact us for a quotation or a reference list.
      PACKAGES available.
      We have more than 80% returning clients.
      We take in only one hunting group at a time (do not combine groups).
      Indicate to us where we could be of any assistance with a possible safari to NAMIBIA.
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    Kowas is a family operated trophy hunting operation, offering plainsgame and biggame safaris for the individual or family. More than 80%+ returning clients. Excellent quality trophies and personal attention. Family atmosphere. References available.
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