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Dec 3, 2013
    1. 35bore
      Willem, Thank you for the oppourtunity of a lifetime. You guys were/are great, Kathy and Hunter keep talking about the hunt which makes me hunger for the return. I am pushing everyone I know your way, and like I said when I come back my cousin is on board. Again thank you thank you thank you. I will be back to hunt with you, My guess right now would be Kudu, Zebra, and another Blue Wildebeest, plus I need redeption for the Gemsbok. I will take them all, plus Petrie was giving me a hard time about I will have to shoot a bigger Warthog next time 200lbs wasn't enough to make him happy. I will keep in contact.
    2. 35bore
      Hi. 1st off I actually go by my middle name Scott, I am a Whitetail hunter from the word go. I have longed for Africa since I first read an article by Craig Boddington in the first issue of Rifle Shooter Mag. I have a loving wife who wants to explore the world with me, and five great children. So far the wife an I have made it to France and soon to be Africa. I some day want to hunt Cape Buffalo one of the BIG BOYS with PH Mark Sullivan. I own a small concrete company in Union, MO. just west of St. Louis, MO. S&R Custom Concrete LLC. I guess thats it for now, Later.
    3. StickFlicker AZ
      StickFlicker AZ
      In looking at your website, there is a long list of species available on your property. However, in looking at your price list, at least a third of the animals on your species list do not have prices on the price list. Do you have a complete price list which includes Blesbok, Zebra, bushbuck and the other species that are not on your price list? Thanks! Marvin
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