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  • Kebco, do you have anywhere down there that I would be able shoot any of the DG calibers? I know from reading on AH that the .375 is big enough for Buffs but I want to try out some of the calibers and see what I can handle. I'm thinking of .375 to .458 or 450 Nitro but having never fired any of them, I would like to before I buy a rifle. I am more than willing to pay for any ammo that I fire because I know that its not cheap. Thank You for your time. Vince
    Thank You, I will get in touch with you as soon as I can, Right now I'm kind of laid up with a broken eye socket but that should be healed in about a month. Then I want to start looking at different rifles to get an idea of what I want so I know how much I need to save. I'm just getting into this DG hunting!
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trstallone wrote on HUNTROMANIA's profile.
I've Hunted So.Africa, love to try Romania
Clifford Johnson wrote on Mark A Ouellette's profile.
Mark, How did your hunt go with Wayne in Zimbabwe?
Spartan2473 wrote on tnshooter's profile.
Hey buddy,
Have a great hunt in West TN. Looking forward to planning this next safari with you.

we’ll talk soon!
Hello thanks for acceptance to the group, I live on baffin island. Anyone ever hunt in the Arctic?