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    338 RUM Ammunition For Sale

    I am not sure how many boxes you have, but I would take several. PM sent
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    Why is Tanzania so expensive to hunt and is it worth it?

    I have hunted Tanzania, I really enjoyed the Masai people and the game is generally fantastic; but the fees are insane and it is unbelievably corrupt filthy country. From the moment the plane lands until you leave to go home people are constantly blatantly demanding money or looking for a...
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    For Sale Kimber 84M Montana 308 Rifle

    If you change your mind and decide to sell please contact me.
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    Can I take 3 guns?

    It would be better if you had different rifles in different names on the paperwork. Although it is unlikely to come up, if you separate during the hunt and all permits are in your name they have no legal right to possess a gun.
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    $110,000 to shoot a goat

    Surprisingly enough The Washington Post had several positives mentioned in the original article about how hunting had increased the numbers of Markhors and was a conservation success story, unfortunately the other news sources skipped those parts when quoting from the article...
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    Reiser Taxidermy is making me very nervous

    As mentioned in a previous thread I had multiple problems with Reiser. My shipment arrived quite damaged and didn’t even include the right trophies. I know 2 major Namibian outfitters that no longer will do business with them. After well over a year trying to resolve this with the owner an...
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    NAMIBIA: Namibia Safari Corporation 2018

    I have had several great hunts with Jaco, I even recognize the room you stayed in. Your great write-up bring back many happy memories. I hope to go again in 2019.
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    Tuffpak Question

    When I first had my tuffpak I didn't have the optional bag that goes inside it. Occasionally inspectors would pull my guns out and have a hard time getting them back in with the clothes etc. still in the case and they would ram it in. Now I have the optional bag that is made to match the...
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    REPORT: Trophaendienste Taxidermy Namibia - Beware

    I have to warn all members that I had terrible problems with Reiser. These included damaged trophies that weren't wrapped or secured, and sending and charging freight and packaging for items they were told in writing not to send. I spent over a year in correspondence with them and was promised...
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    Qatar Airways

    Three of us flew QA from Dulles to Dar and then to Arusha on the way out, and from JRO on the way back. We each had two guns and had absolutely no trouble with Qatar Airlines. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Tanzanian officials who were the most corrupt I have met anywhere in the world .
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    Martins taxidermy?

    I have had several animals done by them. They are easy to work with, do good work, and complete it on time. The mountain lion on their web site is mine, and they are working on my leopard right now. I would highly recommend them.
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    What To Look For In Buying Binoculars

    Warning about Leicas. Never let your PH look thru a pair of Leicas. I let my PH look thru my Leicas after I spotted game he didn't, for the rest of the Safari he drove me crazy trying to borrow them. They were far superior to what he had, my head almost exploded when he used his dirty...
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    Question About Malarone

    On a recent trip to Tanzania 5 of us took Malarone. Three had no side effects, one had the weird dreams etc. and one couldn't finish a sentence because they were so confused they forgot what they were trying to say. The two with problems quit taking it. Not a scientific sample, but probably...
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    IMPORTANT: Immediate Changes to South African Firearm Registration Guidelines for American Hunters

    One of the biggest problem for US Hunters returning (and leaving) with firearms is the inconsistency at the various airports and individual officers. I have had problems every time in New York/New Jersey and California airports, not much at any of the others. In every case I have simply...
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    What To Look For In Buying Binoculars

    I have many binos, but IMO the Leicas are far superior. Inevitably after I spot game that a PH missed they want to see my binoculars. One small factor: I had a pair of Leicas that I bought for 1800 more than 10 years ago, I recently traded them in on a new pair with the rangefinder built in...